Mara Vladimirova for Antifa-Net Moscow reports

31/7/2006- An international racist conference, attended by a galaxy of right-wing extremists including top US nazi David Duke and titled The White World in the XXI century, took place in Moscow on 8-9 June. The idea of staging the event in Moscow came from the French New Right writer Guillaume Faye who visited Moscow last year. On the Russian side, the collective behind the racist magazine Athenaeum and the Russian European Synergy group co-organised the meeting. Coordinator of the meeting was Pavel Tulaev, Athenaeum's main editor, who officially billed the gathering as a scientific seminar with contributions from world-renowned philosophers. At the meeting, his wife Galina Lozko represented Ukraine where she edits a magazine called Svarog. The National State Party of Russia (NDPR) boss, Alexander Sevastjanov, opened the meeting to the applause of the many members of his party in attendance. So-called 'warriors' from the National People's Party (NNP) were also on hand as 'minders' but NNP chief Alexander Ivanov-Sucharevsky did not turn up, opting instead to send a statement to be read out to the conference. Several other well-known Russian nationalists were present as were two representatives of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration. Most of the foreign guests were people who have had articles published in Athenaeum. Most prominent was Faye who drew a utopian picture of a new white empire 'Eurosiberia' with its capital in Moscow. He probably forgot that Siberia is already inhabited by different Asian peoples. What Faye plans to do with these non-white ethnic groups was not made clear.

Two other French far-rightists made the trip: Pierre Vial, from the fascist journal Terre et Peuple, who talked about the conflict between Northern and Southern civilizations, and Jean-Pierre Tillenon, a Breton nationalist. Pierre Krebs from Germany, where he leads the Thule Seminar, impressed listeners with a speech, chunks of which seem to have been lifted directly from Hitler's propaganda chief Josef Goebbels and then mixed with references to ancient Greeks and equally ancient Germans. Another German,
Constantin von Hoffmeister, a teacher, banged on about the superiority of biopolitics over geopolitics. The star performer, though, was the ghastly perma-tanned and ever-coiffeured Duke who treated his audience to a presentation in which, after describing all the known incipient threats to the so-called 'white race', he tried to paint journalists as the biggest enemy of nationalists because they were able to brand nationalists as idiots. Duke is now well known in Moscow where he clearly feels at home. The rest of the racist cast included Gerhoch Reisegger from Austria who spoke about the Turkish danger for Europe, Jose Maria Alvares and Enrique Ravello from the Spanish magazine Tierra y pueblo and Eleftherios Ballas from the Greek group Arma for Aryan roots and race spirit who also represented the Norwegian National Socialist Movement with which Arma has links.

Other invited foreign extremists failed to appear, having been unable to obtain Russian visas, among them Barbara Krygier from Poland, Silvano Lorenzoni from Italy, Robert Steuckers from Belgium and Anton Rachev from Bulgaria who had been down to speak on the riveting subject of the 'Metapolitical Front of the White Movement'. Vladimir Avdeev, a Russian racist from the editorial board of Athenaeum entertained guests by dishing out a reprint of a German 1930s poster of racial types in Europe. It appeared to escape his notice that the poster depicts Slavs as an inferior race. Avdeev evidently considers himself a 100% honorary Aryan For outsiders, it was not easy to get into the conference whose details were circulated to a very narrow circle. From the admission fees and literature
sales, however, Athenaeum must have garnered several thousand US $.

Athenaeum was founded five years ago to succeed another racist journal, Inheritance of Ancestors and, from the outset, was styled as a Russian international magazine because of its publication of articles by right-wing extremist propagandists and politicians from across the world. Athenaeum's web site is multilingual with pages in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian and White Russian. The site contains considerable material on the French New Right and on the political warfare between Faye and French New Right guru, Alain de Benoist. The British National Party and the history of the British nationalist movement since beginning of the twentieth century also feature there. Anatoly Ivanov, the head of European Synergy, translates the French material
on the web site. As a historian, Ivanov wrote a book, Christian Black Death, in 1978, a work in which he claims that "Christianity was a Jewish ideological diversion for destroying the spiritual foundations of Aryanism". The main stages in European history- the struggle between German emperors and Popes in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and philosophies of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche Ivanov explains as "constant liberation of the Aryan soul of the Europeans from zionochristianism and the realisation of the spiritual antagonism between the Jewish and Aryan worlds". This same outlook, which means criticising Christianity and looking back to old Slavic roots and pan-Slavism and propagating the theory of the 'Fourth World War' between 'the White World' and others, forms the ideological basis of Athenaeum. Among the devotees of Athenaeum's neopagan position are Sevastjanov's NDPR and Ivanov-Sucharevsky's NNP. Ivanov-Sucharevsky has been prosecuted several times for extremist propaganda in his newspaper I'm Russian and there are rumoured to be links between him and groups of Moscow skinheads. Neither the NDPR nor the NNP bother to hide their ultra-nationalism and sympathy for Adolf Hitler. Members of both these parties took part in the big Russian nationalist march in Moscow on 4 November last year.

At the end of the conference, delegates produced a resolution for the creation of a "White International" with the head of the Greek
goddess Athena as its symbol and "White people of the world, come together" as its slogan. Moscow, meanwhile, was declared the capital of their brave new white world in the XXI century. The organisers and delegates are seemingly so satisfied with the results of
their efforts that they have decided to hold a seminar annually, the next planned for September this year in the Crimea.

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