France: 'Muslims Are First Victims of Terrorism' Admits French Minister

Anti-Muslims attacks have increased in France since the Charlie Hebdo attack.

28/1/2015- French foreign minister Laurent Fabius declared that Muslims were the first victims of terrorism during his first visit to a majority Muslim country since the Charlie Hebdo attack on Tuesday. He slammed “lies” and “abuses” spread in the name of a religion by extremists during a press conference held in Kuwait. “These people just want to destroy every one who does not think like them ... including Muslims,” adding that, “No one can kill in the name of a religion.” “When we, Kuwait and France, fight against terrorism, in reality we want to fight these people who are not only liars, but also assassins,” he explained. “We are protecting Muslims, because they are the first victims of terrorists. This is a fight we will absolutely win,” he asserted.

This represented the first visit by Fabius to a majority Muslim country since the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead, including a Muslim police officer. Two days later, another attack against a Kosher supermarket left four more victims. During that attack, Muslim employee Lassana Bathily hid several hostages in a cold room before escaping in order to provide crucial information to the police. Since the Charlie Hebdo attack, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia reported 128 anti-Muslim attacks in two weeks, about the same amount that took place in the entire year of 2014.
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