Greek right-wing extremists to refugee boats attacked

10/10/2015- Five hooded men are said to have attacked four overcrowded with refugees inflatables off the island of Lesbos. They would have destroyed the outboard motors of inflatable boats and were then disappeared with their speedboat. The attackers were said to be Greek right-wing extremists. As the news portal “” and other media on the island on Saturday further reported that refugee boats drove several hours leaderless in the sea between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos. The incident had happened on Friday. All migrants are doing well, most were fishermen taken and other helpers in tow and was brought to safety. On Lesbos and other islands of the Eastern Aegean more than 400,000 migrants from Turkey have arrived in recent months. In their majority they come from Syria and Afghanistan.

Hotspots are scheduled to start operation
Meanwhile, expected to be operational, the first so-called hotspot for registration of refugees in Greece in the coming days on the island of Lesbos. This was announced by EU Interior Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos after political talks on Saturday in Athens. In addition to Greece and Turkey work out an action plan to deal with the refugee crisis in the Aegean Sea in the coming weeks, Avramopoulos said. Last saved the Greek coast guard there within 24 hours more than 1,100 boat people. The EU wants to distribute a total of 160 000 refugees from the most heavily affected countries Greece and Italy to other States. The first migrants were taken on Friday from Italy to Sweden.

The importance of hotspots also highlighted the Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn forth, accompanied Avramopoulos. “We need to know who is knocking at our door,” Asselborn said. If the EU’s external borders are not secured, then will “the Schengen Agreement collapse within weeks”, he added. When the first refugees from Greece are placed in other EU countries, at first remained unclear. Over the weekend, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres Significantly increased numbers of refugees wanted to do on Lesbos a picture of the situation. In recent days, the number of refugees was due the good weather that prevailed in the region, increased significantly. However, the weather bureau warned on Saturday in front of a sudden deterioration in the coming hours with strong winds throughout the Aegean.
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