UK: Number of racist crimes in Northamptonshire up by eight per cent

The number of racist crime incidents has gone up by eight per cent in Northamptonshire in the past year, according to latest figures released by the Home Office.

13/10/2015- The data shows there were 953 racist incidents reported to the county’s police force in the last year, up from 867 in 2013/14. Figures for the amount of hate crime in the county showed there were 409 incidents where race was the motivating factor and 15 where religion was the main cause. There were 63 incidents where disability was the motivating factor and 41 incidents of attacks on people due to their sexual orientation. There were also six incidents where a transgender person was the victim of a crime. To mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, the Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council has organised as series of events in Northampton-shire. The organisation will be holding an event outside All Saints Church in Northampton on Friday at 7pm. A similar event will be held in Wellingborough Town centre on Saturday at 7pm. Both events will focus on all hate crime, but will highlight racist and religious hate crime.
Northhamshire Telegraph

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