UK: Man 'knocked unconscious, called a terrorist' in suspected hate crime

5/6/2017- Bedfordshire Police have confirmed they've seen a surge in hate crimes following Saturday's attack in London, including one incident in which a man was assaulted and called a terrorist. The man had to be taken to hospital following the incident in Beadlow Road, Luton, after he was set upon by a group of men on Saturday night. Officers are keen to talk to anyone who may have seen what happened and are yet to make any arrests. A shopkeeper and takeaway staff were also racially abused in separate incidents across the county, which has led to police calling on people to unite together instead of taking their anger out on others.

"Sadly we are aware that following incidents such as the tragic attack in London there can be an increase in hate crime within our communities. On Saturday night a man was knocked unconscious and called a terrorist, in what we believe is a hate crime attack motivated by the incident London. This was a completely unprovoked and senseless attack and we are working hard to find those responsible. No-one should have to suffer from either physical or verbal abuse as a result of who they are and we will not tolerate hate crime in any shape or form. We are urging our communities to stand together at this difficult time for the country and we would urge anyone who is a victim of, or witness to, hate crime to report it immediately".
Sergeant James Hart, Bedfordshire Police

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