UK: Knifeman wearing hand grenade threatens to ‘kill and injure Muslims’

A force is investigating a chilling video in which a man brandishing a machete threatens to blow mosques “off the planet” as hate crimes against British Muslims spiked fivefold in the week after the Manchester terrorist attack.

5/6/2017- The unidentified man, who had what appears to be a grenade strapped to his T-shirt, says he will kill and injure Muslims as he waved a huge knife at a CCTV camera. Merseyside Police confirmed detectives were trying to “establish the origins of the video”, widely shared on social media in the aftermath of the London Bridge and Manchester Arena terror attacks. Referencing the suicide bombing that killed 22 people at Ariana Grande’s concert last month, he talks of a “quick message to Muslims”. He said he would get people to run into Islam’s holy places, adding: “If you want to see terrorism, come and see me you cowards.” Withdrawing a huge blade from its sheath, he adds: “Let me tell you, I will get people to run in your mosques with pineapples [grenades] and blow your mosques off this f****** planet."

A force spokesperson said: “Merseyside Police can confirm that a video posted on social media has been brought to our attention [on] Sunday, June 4. “Officers have launched an investigation and at this time enquiries are ongoing to establish the origins of the video. “The force takes all reports of hate crime seriously and incidents are investigated by specially trained detectives.” The shocking footage comes in the wake of 139 cases of “anti-Muslim hate” being reported to Tell Mama, an organisation that records such crimes, in seven days — compared with 25 in the previous week. A British-born, seven-year-old girl was among the 61 victims of verbal abuse, which included Muslims being labelled “child killers” and told to “go back to your country”.

Other incidents reported to Tell Mama during the same week included a woman from Southampton whose veil was ripped from her head and a man struck with a glass bottle. Most of the attacks were in Greater Manchester and London. The rise in hate crimes is part of a pattern after terrorist attacks. The murder of soldier Lee Rigby in south east London in 2013 led to an almost four-fold increase in Islamophobic crimes in the following week. That figure was surpassed in the week after the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015 in which 130 people were killed. Tell Mama recorded a 400 per cent increase in hate crimes then. However, last month’s attack in Manchester by Salman Abedi, a British-born Muslim who killed 22 people and injured scores more, had led to an unprecedented 456 per cent jump, said Tell Mama’s director, Iman Atta.

“Obviously, people are angry and they should rightly be,” she said. “That anger, though, should be targeted at countering and challenging extremism where people see it, instead of against innocent citizens who happen to be Muslim.” Reports of hate crime to Greater Manchester Police have doubled since the May 22 suicide bombing, according to Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. Five days after the attack the force saw a spike to 56 reports daily – compared to the average of 28.
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