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Drawing on its long history of providing Human Rights and Anti-Racism news feeds, ICARE created the Hate Crime News. This service contains articles (English only) about hate-motivated incidents and crimes in the 56 OSCE participating States and is updated almost every day with items from 'regular' news sources. More...

Putin portrait during Canal Parade

ICARE Special Report - Slideshow Gay pride Cana Parade Amsterdam 2013

The annual Gay Pride Canal Parade in Amsterdam last Saturday (August 3, 2013) had 'Reflect' as a theme this year, which also gave rise to some reflection on Mr. Putin's anti-LGBT legislation.
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The Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe (ICARE) is the information disseminator for the European NGO-community working in the fields of anti-discrimination, Human Rights, antisemitism, diversity and migration, with a focus on anti-racism. ICARE is a NGO community networking system, an environment where large and small organizations can work on local, national, regional and international issues. ICARE started in 1999 to inform the (European) NGOs and facilitate discussion about the UN WCAR and the preparatory process. The purpose of ICARE is the democratic, non-violent empowerment of Human Rights and antiracism work by offering information and reporting on events taking place, by facilitating communication, advocacy, campaigns and actions and by stimulating intersectional and international co-operation of NGOs. ICARE is a Magenta Foundation project.

'TO' is the Top-Level domain name for the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. We registered icare.to since it has a nice ring to it. 'I care too', as opposed to 'I don't give a ....'

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