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UK: Group targeted with 'Islamophobic language' after visiting mosque for worship

28/6/2017- A group of people were racially abused outside an Earlswood pub after visiting a mosque for worship. The suspects are said to have used Islamophobic language before pushing and rocking the vehicle that the victims were travelling in the early hours of Saturday (June 24). The incident took place near the Old Chestnut pub in Earlswood Road around 12.15am. The victims had been at a mosque for worship prior to being targeted, police said. Officers are examining CCTV images to help to identify the suspects. Patrols have been stepped up in the area. East Surrey Superintendent Clive Davies said: "We will not tolerate any form of hate crime and a full and thorough investigation is underway to identify the suspects and ensure they are brought to justice. "We have also stepped up patrols in the area to provide a visible and reassuring presence. "Surrey Police remains fully committed to investigating all reports of hate crime, and we are continuing to urge anyone who believes they have been the victim of hate crime to report it to us straightaway."

If you witnessed this incident, or you have any other information which could assist the investigation, contact Surrey Police on 101, quoting crime reference number 45170067079 or you can use the online reporting system found at https://report.police.uk and enter the reference number in the 'Additional information' section.
Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111
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Headlines 23 June, 2017

UK: Anti-Muslim hate crime surges after Manchester and London Bridge attacks

Police record fivefold rise in Islamophobic attacks after arena bombing, with spike in London before Finsbury Park attack

20/6/2017- Police in Manchester and London registered surges in anti-Muslim hate crime in the immediate aftermaths of the Manchester Arena bombing and the London Bridge attack. The number of Islamophobic attacks in Manchester went up fivefold in the week after the concert bombing, with 139 incidents reported to Tell Mama, the group recording Islamophobic crimes, compared to 25 incidents the previous week. Police chiefs said there had also been a short-term spike in London before this week’s Finsbury Park mosque attack – although precise data is not yet available. Police forces around the country have stepped up protection for Muslim communities in the wake of the Finsbury Park attack, with the home secretary, Amber Rudd, pledging that the extra resource will remain in place “for as long as it is needed”.

In one case, Naveed Yasin, a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon who helped save the lives of people injured in the Manchester attack, was racially abused and labelled a “terrorist” on his way to work at Salford Royal hospital. Other incidents around the country included one involving a woman from Southampton whose veil was ripped from her head, and another involving a man struck with a glass bottle. Assistant chief constable Mark Hamilton, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said both Manchester and the Met police had registered short-term spikes in hate crime. In Manchester, the volume had since returned to the levels seen before the bombing, but the picture in London is still unclear. “We know that terrorist attacks and other national and global events have the potential to trigger short-term spikes of hate crime,” said Hamilton in a statement before the Finsbury Park attack. “For this reason we have increased the central reporting of hate crimes for police forces so that we can identify trends and assess threats.”

The NPCC are now collecting and monitoring weekly figures of hate crime levels from forces across England and Wales, as they did last summer in the aftermath of the EU referendum. Rudd has said indicative figures suggest that more than half of those who experience hate because of their religion are Muslim. The limited data available appears to suggest an ever rising level of Islamophobic attacks. The Met police say the volume of hate crime they record as Islamophobic attacks has increased sharply in the last four years. The force recorded 343 incidents in the 12 months to March 2013, 1,109 in the 12 months to March 2016 and 1,260 in the 12 months to this March. The Met pointed out that the Finsbury Park attack was not the first act of terrorism against Muslim communities.

In 2013 a Ukrainian neo-Nazi, Pavlo Lapshyn, murdered 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem and tried to bomb several West Midlands mosques in the hope of instigating a “race war”. A year later, a neo-Nazi named Ian Forman was jailed for 10 years after plotting to bomb mosques in Merseyside. The far-right leader Tommy Robinson has been accused of trying to exploit the Finsbury Park attack by referring to it as “a revenge attack”. There is growing evidence of a rising trend in far-right activity in Britain. Last December, National Action became the first far-right extremist group to be banned by the home secretary under counter-terrorist proscription legislation. The latest Home Office figures for terror-related arrests showed that 113 white people were arrested in the 12 months to March 2017, compared with 68 the previous year – an increase of 66%. The Home Office statistics make no distinction between those involved in far-right groups or white Muslim converts. The figures show 16% of terror-related arrests were for “domestic terrorism” as opposed to “international terrorism”, as Isis-related attacks are described.
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Headlines 16 June, 2017

Sweden: Man with alleged Nazi links admits driving car into refugee demo

A 22-year-old man with suspected neo-Nazi links has confessed to driving his Volvo into an Iraqi demonstration outside the Migration Agency in Malmö. Police are investigating it as hate crime.

14//2017- The man has admitted driving his car into a demonstration of around 20-30 Iraqi nationals protesting Sweden's new and stricter asylum rules outside the Migration Agency in Malmö on two occasions. No one was injured but in the latest incident at around 10.30pm on Sunday he drove over a number of protest signs and crashed into a tree. The man then barricaded himself in the car to protect himself against the agitated protesters, who kept him there until police arrived and seized him. The 22-year-old has also admitted driving at the demonstration on Saturday. Police said they are investigating hate crime. The man, who Aftonbladet reports has a history of neo-Nazi activity, including participating in demonstrations and study groups organized by neo-Nazi group the Nordic Resistance Movement, has been released from custody during the ongoing police investigation.

“He said he's doing it to make a point. That he does not think they should be in the country,” Sandra Persson, from the police's special hate crime investigation unit, told the Swedish newspaper. “We are prioritizing this. It is a clear hate crime with many people affected. And it happened at this site, outside the Migration Agency,” she said. The 22-year-old is suspected of agitation against an ethnic group, illegally carrying a weapon, illegally carrying a knife and assault. One of the allegations includes using pepper spray on a number of protesters. It is against the law to carry pepper spray without a licence in Sweden. Two knives were also found in his car, as well as a Nazi symbol with a swastika, reported broadcaster SVT.

The incident has been falsely reported by some international extremist groups on social media as an Islamist attack, with Facebook group 'Never Again Canada' – an anti-Islam group which claims to fight “anti-Semitism, propaganda, terror and Jew hatred in Canada” and has almost 200,000 followers on Facebook – incorrectly describing the suspect as a “Muslim terrorist” on Monday.
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UK: Bag of vomit thrown at Muslim woman's car

 White van is said to have swerved towards the two women to throw the bag of foul smelling liquid

14/6/2017- A “bag of vomit” was reportedly been thrown at a car carrying two Muslim women in Blackburn. The pair told anti-Islamophobia charity Tell Mama that they were driving in the Lancashire town when a white van swerved towards them on a quiet road. The bag was then thrown at the driver’s window with such force it “thudded” against the window on the driver’s side. One of the women she believed they had been targeted because of the way they looked. Both were wearing hijabs. She said the foul smelling liquid in the bag had a "vomit-like" in odour and appearance, which left her and her friend feeling nauseous. Fortunately the drivers' window was closed, otherwise the bag would have landed inside the car. The women were able to follow the van and photograph its number plate. The pair then parked the car and photographed the window which was hit. Tell Mama told The Independent that Lancashire Police had been informed of the incident by the victim and were investigating. The force could not confirm this. Both suspects were described as white, in the 20s or 30s, with medium builds.
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UK: Far-right Activists in Manchester Abuse Sikh Volunteers

14/6/2017- Sikh volunteers providing meals for homeless people in Manchester were allegedly abused by far-right activists after getting caught in a demonstration against Sharia law. Members of the Sikh Sewa Organization said they had to flee Piccadilly Gardens for "their own safety" after "EDL (English Defense League) members" became "abusive." Every Sunday, the SSO provides meals for the homeless in the same spot in Piccadilly Gardens, but volunteers were forced to move to Stevenson Square June 11 after thousands reportedly descended on the area in a protest against Sharia law, The Independent reported. "As per every Sunday our team went to feed the homeless in Manchester. Sadly, our usual spot in Piccadilly Gardens was overrun by the EDL mindless thugs and we had to scarper for our own safety, as they were becoming abusive to the volunteers. It became really scary for us," the SSO wrote on its Facebook page. "Our usual homeless crowd came to us saying they were starving so the volunteers decided to move to Stevenson Square. They continued there tirelessly serving food despite their own safety," it said.

Eight people were arrested when demonstrators with U.K. Against Hate, headed by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, clashed with counter-protesters. Greater Manchester police advised residents to avoid the area after the protest turned "nasty." Manchester's Mayor Andy Burnham said the "EDL-types" needed to take a "long hard look at themselves." Robinson refuted claims that EDL was in attendance, calling them "lies." "Looks like the police have joined the newspapers in their #fakenews propaganda," Robinson wrote on Facebook. "This was not an EDL demo it was U.K. Against Hate demonstration against terrorism and hate being inflicted on our communities! The actions of the police yesterday and the disgraceful fake news reporting by the media since is a depressing example of the mess our once great country is in," he said.
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UK: Two Muslim teenagers 'racially attacked in Swansea by two men'

South Wales Police are investigating an alleged hate crime

12/6/2017- South Wales Police are investigating an alleged hate crime in which teenagers were racially attacked on a street by two men who targeted them because they are Muslims. The men are said to have asked the young boys: "Why don’t you care about the Manchester attacks?" The men then allegedly proclaimed that all Muslims were to blame. The incident happened on St Helen’s Road, Swansea, in the early hours of June 7. Nizar Dhan, founder of the Swansea Humanitarian Aid Response Project, who witnessed the alleged attack, said: “It is the month of Ramadan. "It is a time when Muslims go to the mosque which is situated on St Helen’s Road for night prayer. The kids go to the shops to buy drinks before going back to the mosque. “The men must have been in their early 20s. Both were intoxicated when they approached the boys and started to criticise them. They were really scared. “I had to intervene. I quickly stepped in and tried to calm the men down.”

The boys were aged 13 and 16. Once Mr Dhan had told the boys to leave, the men are said to have then started to attack the 29 year old. He said: “They started to get really aggressive and violent towards me. "One man said, ‘How do I know that you are not going to take our heads off and blow us all up?’ “I put it down to ignorance, some people have never met a Muslim or spoken to them before, they just go by what they see and hear in the news. I try to rise above it. “I am just glad that I was there. The kids could have said something cheeky or reacted to them, then what might of happened? The men might have done something that they wouldn’t normally do sober. “Many people were around, but no one said anything or intervened, people just looked and walked off.”

Mr Dhan has since warned the young boys to avoid being out late at night. “I have told them that they have to be really careful, it’s not safe to be walking around after midnight, even though that is the time of prayer, “There will not be someone there everyday who will help when something goes wrong. It’s sad because they shouldn’t be stopped from going to the shops.” He said he wanted to see the general public speak to a Muslim before making judgements. “Come to the mosque,” he said. “It’s open for everyone to come and speak to us, if anyone has any questions that they would like to ask, then I would be happy to answer them and explain to them what Islam actually teaches.” South Wales Police said that enquiries into the alleged incident were ongoing. A spokesman added: “South Wales Police is committed to tackling hate crime, and anyone who is victim of, or witness to, a hate crime is also urged to come forward and report it.”
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UK: Muslim woman assaulted by white man, hijab ripped off

Hate crime incidents have spiked in the UK following a suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester that claimed 22 lives and an attack in London by three terrorists.

11/6/2017- A woman in the UK was allegedly pushed to the ground and her hijab ripped off amid a spike in hate crime incidents following the two terror attacks by Islamists that claimed 30 lives. The assault took place in Fengate, Peterborough, after the woman got out of her car and crossed the road with her three-year-old daughter when she was pushed from behind and knocked to the ground. She had her hijab pulled off and thrown towards her. No words were exchanged in the assault, but police have confirmed they are treating it as a racially or religiously aggravated hate crime, Peterborough Telegraph reported. The male offender was described as white, tall, of medium build and wearing a black hooded top with the head pulled up. A police spokesman was quoted as saying that the victim was shaken by the attack but otherwise uninjured.

The assault comes amid a spike in hate crime incidents in the UK following a suicide bombing at a concert in Manchester that claimed 22 lives and an attack in London by three terrorists, who drove a van into pedestrians and then went on a stabbing spree, killing eight persons before being shot dead. Anti-Muslim crimes in the British capital increased fivefold since the London attack, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said last week, warning that police would take a “zero-tolerance approach”. Following last month’s concert bombing as well, the number of hate crime incidents reported to police in Manchester had doubled. The kind of incidents reported included a bomb threat received by a Muslim school, racist graffiti and a niqab-clad woman being told she should not be wearing the Islamic outfit. Also, a Muslim woman was spat on while a teenaged Muslim girl taunted by a passer-by who said, “when are you going to stop bombing people.
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UK: Police patrols near places of worship

There will be a higher police presence around places of worship over the next few days following the London Bridge terror attack, the Met Police said.

10/6/2017- Officers will be patrolling near churches, mosques and synagogues as people celebrate holy days. It comes as the number of hate crimes reported has increased in recent days. There have been reports of Muslim women being verbally abused and spat on, said Ash Siddique, secretary of the Al-Madina Mosque in Barking, east London. According to the Met Police, on average it receives 38 reports of racist incidents a day, whereas in the days immediately after the attack, that increased to 42 and 59. The force added it was receiving an average of 3.5 Islamophopic reports per day this year, whereas in the two days after the attack it increased to 12 and 18.

Ch Supt Dave Stringer, head of community engagement for the Met, said officers had arrested more than 25 people since Saturday for hate crime offences. "Over the next few days, communities of different faiths will congregate across London to celebrate their holy days," said Mr Stringer. "We know many will reflect on the terrible events of last Saturday evening in their readings and prayers but also that some will feel worried and vulnerable about their safety as they gather in their places of worship. "To help support these communities, we have increased the number of officers on the streets to reassure local people that they are able to go about their daily lives in peace and without fear of harassment or intimidation." Extra officers have not been drafted in, but those that are already working will go on patrol instead of carrying out other tasks. 

Sufia Alam, manager of the Maryam Centre at the East London Mosque, said the organisation has had reports of Muslim women being verbally abused on buses following the attack. "We urge all our Muslim women attending the workplace and religious places to report any kind of hate crime they may face," she said. Ash Siddique, secretary of the Al-Madina Mosque in Barking, east London, said there had been a number of incidents in which women coming to the mosque had been attacked, including one who was grabbed around the throat at a bus stop. "We've had a number of ladies who have been verbally abused and a number of ladies who have been spat on," he said. "We've had a couple of telephone calls, physical threats - 'we are going to attack you' and that sort of thing." He described the abuse as "part of the course of being a Muslim in the UK today". It is one week since the attack which saw eight people killed, and dozens more injured when three men drove into pedestrians on the bridge and then stabbed people in Borough Market.

London hate crime reports to police following terrorist attack
54 Racist incidents, 20 Islamophobic reports on 6 June
59 Racist incidents, 18 Islamophobic reports on 5 June
42 Racist incidents, 12 Islamophobic reports on 4 June
38 Racist incidents and 3.5 Islamophobic reports on average per day in 2017
Met Police

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Canada: Man sought after alleged hate crime in Jewish museum

10/6/2017- Police are looking for help in identifying a man in connection with what they call a hate-motivated mischief crime in a Jewish museum in Toronto. Police say the suspect entered the Baycrest Health Sciences building on Bathurst Street around 11 p.m. on May 30. The suspect went into the Morris and Sally Justein Heritage Museum on the ground floor, where he allegedly took the photos of two prominent figures off the wall, ripped them in half and threw them to the ground. He then reportedly wrote an anti-Semitic message in the muesum’s guest book before leaving the building.

“There are the obvious concerns that would come out of something like this,” said Martin Green, Baycrest’s manager of security. “There’s no financial loss, but it is upsetting to a number of people who work at Baycrest, because whether you’re Jewish or not, we’re a Jewish institution and it’s upsetting.” Police said it doesn’t appear the suspect went to Baycrest for any other reason. He didn’t visit or talk to anyone in the building. The museum has since replaced the photographs and it is once again open to the public. The man is described as five-foot-eight, 160 pounds, with a medium build and short, red hair. He was wearing a blue baseball cap, black and blue running shoes and blue and red shorts at the time of the incident.
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Headlines 9 June, 2017

Sweden: Two men charged over refugee home blast 'received military training in Russia'

Two of three suspected neo-Nazis facing trial over Gothenburg bomb attacks on left-wing activists and a refugee home received military training in Russia shortly before the attacks, according to the prosecutor.

9/6/2017- The three men were charged on Friday in connection with a series of bomb incidents in the western city of Gothenburg last winter. A blast at a refugee centre on January 5th left an immigration office staff member seriously injured with wounds to his legs. Two months earlier, on November 11th, a bomb went off outside the Syndikalistiskt Forum Kafe, a well-known far-left haunt. No one was injured in that blast. Then an explosive device was found on January 25th at a campground which was temporarily housing migrants. It failed to detonate. One man is accused of having constructed all three bombs, another of providing the explosives and a third of placing the bomb on the campsite, Sweden's prosecutorial authority said on Friday. "It is a matter of very serious crimes. We allege that the actions are politically motivated and that the targets are in line with such targets the Swedish white power movement has an interest in attacking," prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist said in a statement.

All three men have been linked to the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement; however, the attacks are not believed to be directly connected to the organization. "Rather, there are indications that they were dissatisfied with the leadership within the Nordic Resistance Movement for not wanting to use violence to the same extent as they wanted to," said Ljungqvist. "We can also see that two of the suspects shortly before the attacks received military training in Russia." The charges - attempted murder, devastation endangering the public and attempted devastation endangering the public - have sparked debate in Sweden about whether it should be considered an act of terrorism. Swedish terror expert Magnus Ranstorp argued it should.

"Generally it is a terror offence. They have done this systematically and with the purpose of instilling fear into the population. But I understand they have chosen a road which legally makes it easier to reach a conviction. I think it is unfortunate," he told the TT newswire. "We can't see that the actions have seriously destabilized political, constitutional, economic or social structures. Nor can attacks against refugee homes and refugees in general be considered to seriously instill fear in a population," said Ljungqvist, however.
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Ireland: Mosque in western Ireland attacked by unknown assailants

6/6/2017- Irish police are investigating an attack on a mosque in the western city of Galway after rocks smashed the windows during late prayers on Monday, reports said on Tuesday. Imam Ibrahim Noonan told the Irish Times he believed the attack was a "direct result" of the London terrorist attack on Saturday night. The attack on the Galway mosque "terrified" up to 100 members of the local Muslim community who were inside at the time, Noonan told the newspaper. It follows Irish media reports that one of the three London attackers named by British police, Rachid Redouane, had lived in Dublin, the Irish capital, where he married a British woman in 2012 before returning to Britain.

Redouane returned to Ireland for a time in 2016 but had not come to the attention of the police, Irish national broadcaster RTE reported. Noonan said that cameras at the mosque had filmed those responsible for Monday's attack. "I believe that this was a direct backlash on our community as a result of the weekend and I am fearful that more attacks will come which could be worse," he said. "I am appealing to the Irish public that what is happening in London and Manchester is sad and tragic and unforgivable, but we cannot just assume that every Muslim and every mosque is involved or supporting these so-called radicals.


UK: Gang beats and kicks gay couple in Whitchurch park

A gay man and his partner were assaulted by a gang of youths in an “unprovoked attack”.

6/6/2017- Matthew Seward and his partner were walking home between 11.30pm and midnight on Saturday after enjoying a couple of drinks in Whitchurch, when the group of about nine youths men set upon them pair. During the attack the pair were beaten and kicked, which resulted in 32-year-old Mr Seward needing to go to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where he was treated and had his cuts stitched up. The assault happened near to the toilets in Jubilee Park. Mr Seward, who lives in Northamptonshire but was in Whitchurch helping his mother on the bar as part of the Party in the Park event, said it was a totally unprovoked attack. He said: “We’re struggling to get our heads around why it happened, we did absolutely nothing to provoke the lads.

“I’d say I was a friendly person, I’m the type of person who says hello, how do, which I did, they probably heard my voice, realised I wasn’t from round here and maybe that was enough to antagonise them. I got the feeling they were riled up from something that had happened beforehand, and that was enough to start them off again. “But then it’s also crossed our minds that it could’ve been racially motivated, as my partner is mixed race, or it could even have been a homophobic attack, we just don’t know.” Mr Seward said the young men were aged between about 15 and 21 years old, and there was also a young girl, aged about 15, with them who at one point tried to stop the attack. One of the gang also made off with Mr Seward’s mobile phone while he was on the floor. Police are treating it as a hate crime.

Following the incident, Mr Seward said it is now being investigated by police officers and is calling on anyone who might have been in the area at the time to get in touch, in a bid to aid the investigation. He added: “The town was busy following a brilliant community event, so we’d like to think surely someone saw something that could help the police. “Things like this shouldn’t be happening, two innocent people going about their business shouldn’t be getting attacked for no reason, it isn’t right.” Victoria Smith, organisational communications assistant for West Mercia Police, said: “Officers are investigating a report of a physical assault on two men in Jubilee Park, Whitchurch. “It happened when the victims were walking through the park, towards Smallbrook Road.

“It is reported that the men encountered a group of approximately nine youths where there was an exchange of words. One of the victims was struck and fell to the ground. The other victim was physically assaulted when he tried to intervene. “Enquiries are currently ongoing but officers are keen for anyone who saw the assault, who witnessed anyone acting suspiciously or who was in the area at the time of the incident, to come forward. “Officers are treating this as a hate crime.”

Anyone who can help should call was in the area at the time of the attack on Saturday is asked to contact West Mercia Ppolice on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 , quoting incident number 28S of June 4.
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UK: Manchester attack: Fear 'stops Muslims reporting hate crime'

Fear of the unknown is preventing Muslims from reporting hate crimes, a senior police officer has said.

6/6/2017- Ch Supt Wasim Chaudhry said incidents in Greater Manchester may be under-reported as the numbers have fallen since a spike after the 22 May bombing. Those affected fear their identity may be revealed or are unaware crimes do not have to be reported directly to police, he said. Victim Shiraz Khan, 30, said he was scared of "repercussions or reprisals".

'Terrorist bomber'
Mr Khan was attacked with a glass bottle in Manchester on 27 May after being persuaded to pull his car over by two white British men who told him he had a flat tyre. "While I was looking at it one of the guys said 'We're only joking. You're a terrorist bomber' and tried to smash a bottle over my face." The customer support officer managed to cover his face with his hand, which was damaged in the attack, but he did not go to the police. He explained: "I don't want anything to happen again. I don't want my picture going around anywhere and for me to become a target. "My friend reported a similar incident a few years ago. There was CCTV and nothing came of it." He added: "I've been pulled over a few times by the police, I've been stopped in the street by them asking me what I'm doing. I think there is a lack of trust in the system. "I'm just happy I've defended my face, and it's only my hand been injured."

Ch Supt Chaudhry, Greater Manchester Police's (GMP) lead officer for hate crime, said: "It is a fear of the unknown, about what support victims are going to get coming forward and they [do not know] if they will be exposed in terms of their details." In the days after the Manchester Arena attack, GMP saw a rise in reports of hate crimes. However, the numbers have since returned to pre-attack levels. "I get the fact that not everyone is comfortable and confident coming to a police officer or to the police," Ch Supt Chaudry said. He believes people do not know they can report hate crimes online to anti-hate crime organisations True Vision or Tell Mama, which works with the victims of anti-Muslim attacks, but said it is "incumbent" on people to report them. "If the perpetrators are left unchecked, and if their behaviour is not tackled, then they risk going on and undertaking further victimisation that can increase in terms of its gravity," he said.

Mr Khan's son was born two days after he was attacked and he has not been able to pick him up because of his injury. He said the incident has changed him: "I got set up. I was so shocked, I thought they wanted to help me. "It's appalling, It has stopped me going out. You don't know what's around the corner. My trust has gone."
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UK: Community has amazing response to disgusting anti-Islam graffiti on mosque

6/6/2017- A North East community has rallied to remove “disgusting” anti-Islam graffiti spray-painted on the side of a mosque. Appalled residents have reached out to support the Thornaby mosque in Stockton-on-Tees after ‘Muslim cowards’ was sprayed in large letters on the side if their building following the London Bridge terror attack. Mother-of-three Angela Gill told the Teeside Gazette she saw a photo of the graffiti on Facebook and immediately headed to the mosque to try and scrub it off. She explained the graffiti “wouldn’t budge” so she decided to paint over the letters, only for a downpour to wash away all of her hard work. Ms Gill said two girls then offered to again help paint over the graffiti, adding: “The public reaction outshines the actions of one individual. “Whatever the religion, I would hope that someone would act the same as I did.”

Photos of the graffiti have been shared on social media, one commented: “Disgusted to see this attack at the local mosque. We need to unite as communities. This does the total opposite.” Many other Thornaby residents offered to help remove the graffiti, Lauren Fisher wrote: “I'm happy to help scrub this off if the help is needed.” Meanwhile, Thornaby Mosque has responded by organising a community open day aimed at tackling misconceptions abut Islam. Cleveland Police are investigating, adding: “This type of activity is completely unacceptable and that we are treating it as a hate crime.” Anyone with information on the person responsible for this incident is asked to contact Cleveland Police via the 101 number.
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UK: Arson attacks on Kosher restaurants are 'linked anti-semitic hate'

An arson attack on Ta’am Deli and Grill, on Bury New Road, is thought to be linked to another attack at JS Restaurant, on King’s Road

6/6/2017- Two arson attacks on Kosher restaurants in Prestwich - one of which was hit for the second time in just over a year - are being treated as linked anti-Semitic hate crimes by police. Ta’am Deli and Grill, on Bury New Road, was attacked on Friday night, by two men who threw milk cartons filled with petrol, at the restaurant. After the homemade petrol bombs failed to ignite, a rock was thrown at the front window, smashing it. The restaurant was previously targeted by arsonists last May when firebugs threw petrol around the eatery before setting it alight. Dramatic CCTV showed flames ripping through the restaurant. Incredibly, the attack only caused ‘minimal’ damage to the interior. Owners Martine and Amos Vaizman said the fact the whole building didn’t burn down was a ‘miracle’. The pair have been left assessing the damage following the latest attack, which they did not want to comment on.

Detectives say the incident at Ta’am is thought to be linked to another attack at JS Restaurant, on King’s Road. Two men smashed through a ground floor window and set fire to the property. Firefighters from Broughton, Whitefield and Agecroft, were called to the incident shortly before 4am. Both restaurants were closed at the time of the attacks and no-one was injured. People living nearby told the M.E.N. how shocked they were by the news of last night’s attack. An employee from a neighbouring business said: “I can’t believe it, they are such a nice family. “It’s just awful what has happened, it’s a quiet area. There’s never been a problem before that I know of.”

Detective Chief Inspector Charlotte Cadden, of GMP’s Bury Borough, said: “Thankfully no-one was injured in either attack, but we are treating these as anti-Semitic hate crimes. “This is clearly very worrying for businesses and people living in the area and I want to offer you my assurances that we have increased patrols in the area and have a team investigating these linked crimes” “We are working alongside the Community Security Trust and if anyone in the area has concerns, I would urge you to come and talk to us. “If you have any information about the attacks, no matter how small, I would urge you to get in touch, as you may have information that could help us.”

Community Security Trust (CST), a charity which works to protect Jewish communities, is working with the Police and local businesses. Amanda Bomsztyk, CST northern regional director, said: “CST thanks the police and fire service for their response to these incidents. “We ask our community to be calm, vigilant and to report suspicious, criminal or anti-Semitic behaviour to GMP and CST.”
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UK: Man 'knocked unconscious, called a terrorist' in suspected hate crime

5/6/2017- Bedfordshire Police have confirmed they've seen a surge in hate crimes following Saturday's attack in London, including one incident in which a man was assaulted and called a terrorist. The man had to be taken to hospital following the incident in Beadlow Road, Luton, after he was set upon by a group of men on Saturday night. Officers are keen to talk to anyone who may have seen what happened and are yet to make any arrests. A shopkeeper and takeaway staff were also racially abused in separate incidents across the county, which has led to police calling on people to unite together instead of taking their anger out on others.

"Sadly we are aware that following incidents such as the tragic attack in London there can be an increase in hate crime within our communities. On Saturday night a man was knocked unconscious and called a terrorist, in what we believe is a hate crime attack motivated by the incident London. This was a completely unprovoked and senseless attack and we are working hard to find those responsible. No-one should have to suffer from either physical or verbal abuse as a result of who they are and we will not tolerate hate crime in any shape or form. We are urging our communities to stand together at this difficult time for the country and we would urge anyone who is a victim of, or witness to, hate crime to report it immediately".
Sergeant James Hart, Bedfordshire Police


UK: Knifeman wearing hand grenade threatens to ‘kill and injure Muslims’

A force is investigating a chilling video in which a man brandishing a machete threatens to blow mosques “off the planet” as hate crimes against British Muslims spiked fivefold in the week after the Manchester terrorist attack.

5/6/2017- The unidentified man, who had what appears to be a grenade strapped to his T-shirt, says he will kill and injure Muslims as he waved a huge knife at a CCTV camera. Merseyside Police confirmed detectives were trying to “establish the origins of the video”, widely shared on social media in the aftermath of the London Bridge and Manchester Arena terror attacks. Referencing the suicide bombing that killed 22 people at Ariana Grande’s concert last month, he talks of a “quick message to Muslims”. He said he would get people to run into Islam’s holy places, adding: “If you want to see terrorism, come and see me you cowards.” Withdrawing a huge blade from its sheath, he adds: “Let me tell you, I will get people to run in your mosques with pineapples [grenades] and blow your mosques off this f****** planet."

A force spokesperson said: “Merseyside Police can confirm that a video posted on social media has been brought to our attention [on] Sunday, June 4. “Officers have launched an investigation and at this time enquiries are ongoing to establish the origins of the video. “The force takes all reports of hate crime seriously and incidents are investigated by specially trained detectives.” The shocking footage comes in the wake of 139 cases of “anti-Muslim hate” being reported to Tell Mama, an organisation that records such crimes, in seven days — compared with 25 in the previous week. A British-born, seven-year-old girl was among the 61 victims of verbal abuse, which included Muslims being labelled “child killers” and told to “go back to your country”.

Other incidents reported to Tell Mama during the same week included a woman from Southampton whose veil was ripped from her head and a man struck with a glass bottle. Most of the attacks were in Greater Manchester and London. The rise in hate crimes is part of a pattern after terrorist attacks. The murder of soldier Lee Rigby in south east London in 2013 led to an almost four-fold increase in Islamophobic crimes in the following week. That figure was surpassed in the week after the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015 in which 130 people were killed. Tell Mama recorded a 400 per cent increase in hate crimes then. However, last month’s attack in Manchester by Salman Abedi, a British-born Muslim who killed 22 people and injured scores more, had led to an unprecedented 456 per cent jump, said Tell Mama’s director, Iman Atta.

“Obviously, people are angry and they should rightly be,” she said. “That anger, though, should be targeted at countering and challenging extremism where people see it, instead of against innocent citizens who happen to be Muslim.” Reports of hate crime to Greater Manchester Police have doubled since the May 22 suicide bombing, according to Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. Five days after the attack the force saw a spike to 56 reports daily – compared to the average of 28.
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Headlines 2 June, 2017

Germany: Over 200 attacks on Muslims in first quarter of the year

Germany: Over 200 attacks on Muslims in first quarter of the year

1/6/2017- Police and constitutional protection agencies reported 208 offenses of an anti-Islamic character in the first quarter of 2017, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper reported. Muslims were verbally abused or attacked because of their religion or were victims of damage to property, mainly by right-wing extremists, the newspaper reported. The authorities said they were analyzing the data on "anti-Islamic crimes" for the first time as there are no comparative figures.

Attacks on Mosques down
Attacks on mosques and other Islamic institutions however fell back to the level before the 2015 refugee crisis. According to the government, 15 such attacks, including desecrations, were recorded in the first quarter. This is less than in the fourth quarter of 2016 when there were 27 attacks such attacks, and is at the level of early 2015. There was also a fall in anti-Islamic demonstrations, of which there were 32 in the first three months of this year. In the first quarter of 2016, 80 such rallies were held. These figures do not include the Pegida march in Saxony, police said. "I assume that the detected offenses are only the tip of the iceberg," Ulla Jelpke, an expert from the Left party, said.

Pigs ears
This week nine wooden spikes topped with parts of a dead pig were planted on a land where Muslims are planning to build a mosque in the eastern German city of Erfurt, German police said. The stakes were topped with half of a pig's head, pig feet, and pig bowels among other things, the German news agency DPA reported. There have been protests against the construction of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Erfurt, including one by protesters who erected large Christian crosses on a neighboring property.
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Germany: Planned Erfurt mosque targeted with dead pigs on wooden stakes

Police are investigating after someone placed body parts of dead pigs on wooden stakes at the construction site of a planned mosque in Erfurt.

30/5/2017- Half of a pig’s head as well as pig feet and entrails were among the body parts found on the nine 1.5-metre wooden stakes at the site of the planned mosque, according to police on Monday. The pig may have been used because many Muslims do not eat pork. A criminal police unit is now investigating who was responsible for the act. “It should simply not be the case that minorities are attacked in this way in a civilized society,” said Mohammad Suleman Malik, a spokesman from the Ahmadiyya Islamic community that is building the mosque, to news site Thüringen24. Malik added that the community would not react with anger, but rather with patience, citing the Muslim prophet Muhammad as an example. He also said they were open to having a dialogue with their critics. There have already been protests against building the mosque, including by the far-right AfD party, whose state leader Björn Höcke has called the plans “part of a long-term landgrab project”.

In March, opponents of the mosque placed giant wooden crosses at a site neighbouring the construction area as a form of protest. Last year, another Ahmadiyya community in Leipzig was also targeted for its plans to build a mosque, with someone leaving a dead piglet and the words “Mommy Merkel” in red paint at the site of the planned building. Malik said that it was not so much the use of the dead pigs that bothered him. “It is an attack on the behaviour of a civil society and on peaceful coexistence.” Hate crimes in Germany are classified as politically motivated crimes, which overall reached a record high last year, according to the interior ministry. The explosion in hate crimes has coincided with hostile reactions to Germany taking in record numbers of refugees over the past two years, many of whom are Muslim. More than 1,500 hate crimes based on religion were committed in 2016 - a 36 percent leap from 2015. The vast majority (73 percent) had right-wing motivations.
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UK: Appeal for information after man verbally abuses Muslim woman

The man approached the woman and verbally assaulted her in a Tesco car park

28/5/2017- Police are appealing for information after a mother was verbally abused in a supermarket car park. The 40-year-old woman was waiting for a parking space in the mother and baby bays at a Tesco in Trowbridge on Wednesday when the incident happened. A man approached her vehicle and verbally assaulted the woman in an aggressive way. Posting anonymously on Spotted Trowbridge, the woman wrote: “I was waiting for his parking space and was minding my own business. “I heard shouting and slamming of doors and thought nothing of it. “It wasn't until I had my full attention on him I was shocked he had been talking to me as I caught the tail end when he said "you're all disgusting". “He obviously saw a Muslim lady with a headscarf sat there and thought he could intimidate me.” She added: “The irony is that just before this incident I was watching and partaking in a two minute silence at 11 as I watched crying as it aired live on the BBC.”

Police confirmed they were treating the incident as a hate crime, while Trowbridge Mosque invited the community to visit the mosque to learn more about Islam. Community Coordinator Alex Trombetta said: “The man was verbally abusive to the woman and his manner left her feeling frightened and distressed. We are treating this as an incident of hate crime. “This incident happened in the middle of the afternoon – there would have been a lot of people around the area at the time and we’d like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed this incident take place.” “There is never an excuse for hate crime in any shape or form and this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. “We would encourage anyone who feels they are a victim of hate crime to feel confident in the belief that we will always take reports of this nature seriously and ensure you receive the support you need. “If you are a witness or a victim of hate crime or feel vulnerable, please contact someone to report it. More people are reporting hate crime than ever before, but it is still significantly under-reported.

“Don’t suffer in silence; there are people who can help you.” Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their website at www.crimestoppers-uk.org . Alternatively, visit the True Vision website at www.report-it.org.uk for information, advice and to report online. In an emergency call 999.
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UK: Stones thrown at Torbay mosque in suspected hate crime

28/5/2017- Police are investigating after a suspected hate crime at a mosque in Devon. Officers were called to reports of three men hurling stones and using abusive language at Torbay Islamic Centre in Torquay. It happened around the time of early prayers on Saturday 27 May at 3:40am. All three men are thought to be in their twenties. Police will be reviewing CCTV in the area - and are appealing for any CCTV footage from residents around the time of the incident.


UK: Boy, 16, attacked with knife in Manchester 'hate crime'

A 16-year-old boy has been attacked with a knife at a leisure centre in what police are calling a hate crime.

27/5/2017- A man approached him from behind and pushed him to the floor at the Arcadia Sports Centre in Levenshulme, Manchester at about 20:45 BST on Thursday, police said. The boy was cut on his arms but managed to run away. The man returned to the reception and left with another man. An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

'Shocking attack'
Ch Insp Dave Gilbride said: "This was a shocking unprovoked attack on a teenager who was in a quiet area of the leisure centre with his friends, revising for his GCSE exams. "Despite this man's attempts, the boy received only minor injuries, however he is understandably very shaken up by his ordeal. "We are treating the incident very seriously and we believe it was a hate crime." Police declined to reveal the nature of the suspected hate crime. Anyone who has become a victim of a hate incident or crime is urged to report it. Greater Manchester Police earlier said there had been a significant rise in hate crimes reported following Monday's arena attack, in which 22 people died. The force said the number of such reports had doubled to 56 on Wednesday, from the 28 reported on Monday.
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