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UN Resources

The Latest DRC Working document in French , Spanish and Russian, dessiminated April 7, 2009, scanned by ICARE.
The latest DRC negotiation document per March 17, 2009
NEW: NON-OFFICIAL TRANSLATION BY ICARE into Spanish of the latest DRC working document - TRADUCCIÓN INFORMAL A CARGO DE ICARE del documento de trabajo revisado para la Conferencia de Examen de Durban a día 17-03-2009
The negotiation document per 20-2-2009, 6pm
ICARE SPANISH TRANSLATION of The negotiation document per 23-1-2009
UN Durban Review Pages

UN Extranet website with information on the Durban Review Conference.
Username: hrc durban Password:ohchr123
Durban Declaration and Plan of Action (DDPA)

ICARE Resources (Recent)

Report organizational PrepCom
Report 1st substantive PrepCom


Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean Preparatory to the Durban Review Conference - Brasilia, Brazil, 17 to 19 June, 2008.
2nd substantive PrepCom - October 6 - 17, 2008 in Geneva
Durban Review Conference 2009 - summer 2009, t.b.c.

ICARE Resources (Archive)

Daily ICARE Reports on the 2001 WCAR in Durban , in English, Spanish and French.
Documents related to the WCAR.
Old WCAR Caucus pages.
WCAR Youth Summit.
WCAR PrepCom 2.
WCAR PrepCom 3.
Durban plus 5 poll

What's the score?

What did the UN member states do with the outcomes of the 2001 Durban WCAR? Did they create National Action Plans or do anything else? Have a look at the country-scorecards or at the issues!

Durban Review Issues

  • Transatlantic slave trade, Slavery
  • Africans and African Descendants / Anti-black racism
  • Roma/Gypsies/Sinti/Travellers
  • Antisemitism
  • Hate against Muslims
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Migrants and Refugees
  • Hate Crimes
  • Sexual orientation
  • Intersectional issues
  • Information, communication and the media, including new technologies