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Ukrainian Jewish Doctor Beaten

Shouted: "Jew Face, Get Out of The Country' 

27/3/2015- A Jewish physician from Ukraine was severely beaten in what he said was an assault with anti-Semitic overtones. Oleksanr Dukhovskoi, a chief pediatric neurosurgeon in the east Ukrainian city of Kahrkiv, told the television station 9 TV that he believed the assault Sunday was ordered by competitors. He did not name a suspect. “I was beaten up by three men on the street who shouted at me: ‘Jew face, get out of town and out of the country’,” Dukhovskoi said. “This is blatant anti-Semitism. I told this to local journalists but nobody wanted mention this aspect of the attack.” The assailants fractured Dukhovskoi’s skull and ruptured at least one of his kidneys. He will remain hospitalized for at least a month. He said he was also hit in his hands and that he estimates he will remain partially disabled because of the beating. He was flown from Ukraine for treatment in Jerusalem earlier this week, 9 TV reported.

Oleksander Feldman, a Ukrainian-Jewish lawmaker and founder of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, said he is following the investigation into the assault. The attack followed seve-ral incidents of anti-Semitic vandalism in Ukraine and Russia, where anti-Semitic rhetoric has proliferated amid an armed conflict. On March 22, vandals drew a swastika and the initials of the Nazi party on a monument for Holocaust victims in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress reported. It is the fifth time the monument has been defaced since its erection in 2011. Separately, unidentified individuals wrote “death to the Jewish rule” near the offices of the Hessed Jewish charity in the central Ukrain-ian city of Cherkassy, the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism reported on March 18. On March 23, vandals painted Nazi symbols on a monument for Holocaust victims in the Russian city of Volgograd, approximately 400 miles east of the border with Ukraine, Volga Media reported.
The Forward


France: Pregnant Muslim mother suffers violent Islamophobic attack

26/3/2015- A pregnant Muslim woman wearing a headscarf was violently attacked in the French town of Toulouse by an individual, who accused her of wearing a "hijab" to hide her hair. According to her account, the attacker pulled on her veil, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground, where he hit her several times in a street of the Rose Garden, in the north-east of Toulouse. The young women, in her thirties, lodged a complaint of racist abuse a day after the attack on 24 March. Investigators of the body of departmental security have interviewed the mother at the clinic she is recovering in. "There is no reason to doubt her word," said a police source, referring to the possibility of the establishment of a sketch of the assailant who fled.

'None of that in our country'
According to the victim's husband, Mounir, 33, the woman took her two daughters to school when she was faced by two young men. "One of them grabbed her hair, pulled on her veil while insulting her [saying] 'None of that in our country' ... He threw a lot of punches... His friend, who was not involved in the violence, told him to stop," the man was quoted as saying by La Depeche du Midi. In a statement, the Socialist deputy of Haute-Garonne, Christophe Borgel, said "there was no doubt" about "the racist and anti-Muslim character of this aggression". "The [French] Republic does not tolerate any racist attack, the [French] Republic will not tolerate any aggression because of the religion of one of its citizens," Borgel wrote.

The spokesman of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith (CRCM) in the Midi-Pyrénées, Abdellatif Mellouki, said he had "deep concerns" about "an increase in Islamophobic acts. This comes less than 10 days after thousands of demonstrators marched in Paris and a dozen of cities in the country - including Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble - to protest against racism and Islamophobia. The protestors claim the attacks against Charlie Hebdo triggered further racist acts. In late February, an Odoxa poll revealed 77% of French people felt Islamophobia was progressing - while 68% said it was also the case for anti-Semitism.
The International Business Times - UK


UK: Thugs target Muslim graveyard in act of hatred

Vile thugs have angered mourners and members of the Muslim community after writing hate-filled phrases at a graveyard.

26/3/2015- One visitor spotted the graffiti, claiming to be by Britain First, sprayed over the Muslim graveyard sign at Cathcart Cemetery on Tuesday. They returned yesterday to find the vile slogans still there. Amjid Bashir, an entrepreneur from East Kilbride, is one of the organisers of Islam Awareness Week and has been sickened by the act of hatred. He tweeted The Evening Times about it. Mr Bashir said: "Someone saw it on Tuesday and went back on Wednesday and took a picture of it. "My-self and most other people see this as hate crime. "It is no different to desecrating graves of the Jewish or Christian Community. "There was a big campaign last week for Islam awareness week about the need to tackle Islamophobia and how much it bis affecting every day Muslims, who are really trying to give back to dispel the negativity.

"We do have a problem on our doorstep and it needs to be addressed. "The police have been involved and they are going to hopefully get out there this morning. "My understanding is that it will be treated as a hate crime. "We are disgusted by it. "My father is buried there, and I feel disgusted...The person who first shared this, their family are buried there. "This is the last resting place of my father and it's hard enough going there with a lot of emotion to deal with, having a loved on who passed away. It's difficult to visit. The last thing you want to do is be confronted with hatred on the way to seeing one of your loved ones. "It's despicable and it seems as if the people who did this have no regard for the deceased or the fact it's a very emotional place."

Police and East Renfrewshire Council are understood to be aware of the incident. A Spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire Council said: “This is a disgraceful act of vandalism that does not reflect the views of our local community or the wider Scottish community. “We have reported this matter to Police and our graffiti removal team are on their way to the site. “East Renfrewshire Council has a zero tolerance policy to any form of hate or racism and would urge local people to contact Police if they have information about this incident”.
The Evening Times


UK: Police agree hate crime data sharing measures with CST and TELL MAMA

The police have reached an agreement with Jewish and Muslim community organisations to share hate crime data.

25/3/2015- The agreement enables sharing of anonymous data with the CST (the Community Security Trust) and TELL MAMA (which measures anti-Muslim attacks), to increase understanding of the nature and extent of hostility. Police will only refer individual details with the express permission of the victim, whilst committing to ensuring security and accuracy of the data, meeting standards of data protection. The Chief Executive of the CST, David Delew welcomed the move, saying: “CST is proud of our close working partnership with the police across the UK. Our existing data sharing agreements are delivering real benefits for us all in our understanding of hate crime in local areas. This latest development will see those benefits replicated throughout the UK”. Fiyaz Mughal, the Chief Executive of Tell MAMA said “TELL MAMA is developing strong and close working relationships with police forces across the UK.”

“We believe that data sharing agreements form the backbone that will ensure police and TELL MAMA have a good understanding of what’s happening at the local level and are able to pick up trends and respond accordingly.” The chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group to combat Antisemitism, John Mann MP called the move “an important and welcome step from the police.” “They are the first to implement one of the recommendations of our recent All-Party Parliamentary Report into Anti-semitism and should be congratulated for doing so. Data sharing between the police and CST allows the UK to boast one of, if not, the best data set on antisemitism in the world. I am delighted that we continue to pave the way for others to act”.

National Policing Lead for Hate Crime, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said: “It is essential that we have the fullest picture of targeted hate crime so that we can put measures in place to protect victims and bring offenders to justice. In the UK, we have some of the best reporting structures in the world but we know that many crimes are never reported to authorities. It’s vital that we share available data to give us the clearest picture of the extent of hostility.
Jewish News UK


UK: North Wales Police record 129 sexual orientation hate crimes in two years

Figures show the number of hate crimes related to sexual orientation rose between 2013 and 2014.

23/3/2015- Almost 130 hate crimes related to sexual orientation were recorded by police in North Wales in the last two years. The figures, which cover the period from January 2013 to the end of January this year, show a rise from 57 hate crimes in 2013 to 69 in 2014. A further three incidents were actually aimed at heterosexual people. North Wales Police have recorded 73 incidents - including assault and battery and criminal damage - towards gay people since the start of 2013. Another incident was aimed at a bisexual person and another three at transgender people. Police were unable to specify the targets of 49 of the 129 hate crimes related to sexual orientation. The most common abusive behaviour aimed at gay people in North Wales was a form of harassment described as “causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress”. There was one sexual assault, eight incidents of common assault and battery, and one incident of exposure towards gay people in North Wales, according to the figures released under Freedom of Information laws.

Five crimes also had a racial or religious element to them. Wrexham was the county where the highest total was recorded, with 32 incidents since January 2013. Denbighshire had the fewest with 11 incidents. According to official figures for England and Wales for 2013/14, there were 44,480 hate crimes recorded by the police - an increase of 5% compared with 2012/13 - of which 4,622 were sexual orientation hate crimes. Luke Young, of Stonewall Cymru, said: “Each crime has a victim and sadly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgen-der people are subjected to abuse for simply being themselves. “We know that while the increase in hate crime being reported shows the progress being made by the police and other support groups in North Wales, there are many times where incidents are not reported through fear of not being taken seriously. “Stonewall research shows that one in five lesbian, gay and bisexual people have experienced a hate crime or incident in the last three years.

“LGBT people do not have to put up with bullying and harassment. If you report it, you can help stop it.” North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Winston Roddick said: “Combating these abhorrent crimes is one of the most important things we can do as a society. “North Wales Police emphasises the importance of not suffering in silence, and I would also urge victims to share their concerns and fears with others, not necessarily the police. “If they prefer, victims of hate crime can also contact Victim Support or a voluntary group so that they can be advised how best to handle their situation. “From July, our new Victim Help Centre will bring together the support services of North Wales Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the former Victim Support organisation. “If they report the matter to North Wales Police, they can be confident that it will be dealt with properly and sympathetically.”
The Daily Post


UK: Six men arrested after apparent 'anti-Semitic attack' at synagogue in Stamford Hill

22/3/2015- Six people have been arrested after an apparently anti-Semitic attack at a synagogue in north London - leaving one man needing hospital treatment. Shocking video footage filmed at the synagogue on Craven Park Road, Stamford Hill appears to shows terrified staff and worshippers cowering inside a room as chairs are thrown through a door. Police were called to reports of a fight at the synagogue just after 1am today. Detectives believe a group of revellers who had been partying at a nearby house tried to break into the building. They briefly managed to push through the synagogue doors but were eventually forced out by security guards. Six people - four men and two women in their late teens - were today being held in custody on suspicion of assault and public order offences in connection with the incident, Scotland Yard said. A spokesman said the fight was being treated as "anti-Semitic" but police do not believe it was a planned attack.

In a statement, he said: "The disturbance began when a group of drunk males, believed to have walked to the area from a house party nearby, tried to gain access to the synagogue in Craven Park Road, N15. "One man was injured as he sought to prevent the group from entering the building. He sustained facial injuries, not believed to be serious, and was taken to hospital for treatment. "A small number of the group did briefly gain entry to the synagogue before being remo-ved by security staff. "The incident is being treated as an anti-Semitic incident, due to remarks made by one of the group. However there is nothing to suggest that it was a planned or targeted attack." Jonathan Waterfield, who is leading the investigation, said patrols had been stepped up in the area to reassure local people. He said: "We are investigating to establish the full circumstances of the incident and to identify anyone else involved in the disturbance who has not yet been arrested. "We have also increased police patrols in the Stamford Hill area to provide reassurance to the community."
The London Evening Standard.


Hungary: Jewish graves vandalized, human remains scattered

Community leader in northeastern city of Gyongyos says damage to gravestones ‘unprecedented’ 

23/3/2015- The leader of a small Hungarian Jewish community says about 20 graves have been vandalized in a Jewish cemetery. Peter Weisz says the damage to the graves in the northeastern city of Gyongyos, including the scattering of human remains, was “unprecedented.” The office of Prime Minister Viktor Orban condemned the “barbaric deed” on Sunday and vowed to launch a program this year to renovate neglected cemeteries. Weisz said a number of graves dating as far back as the late 1800s were of ancestors of some of the 80 current members of the recently re-established Jewish community in Gyongyos. Weisz said relations with other religious groups in the city of 30,000 people were “exemplary.” Last year, more than 50 gravestones were vandalized in a Jewish cemetery in northeast Hungary. Gravestones in the ceme-tery in Szikszo were smashed or toppled, Jeno Freund, the president of the Autonomous Orthodox Israelite Community of Miskolc, told the Hungarian MTI news agency at the time. It was unknown when the vandalism occurred since the cemetery remained closed since World War II. In 2014, Hungary commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust, when 550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed.
The Associated Press


Slovakia: Number of extremist crimes drops

The number of crimes connected with extremism and racial motivation has fallen in Slovakia in recent years. The Slovak Interior Ministry announced these findings on 20 March.

25/3/2015- Last year Slovak Police discovered 66 such crimes, most frequently involving the banned promotion of various extremist and radical opinions. A total of 40 persons faced investigation and prosecution on these grounds, with police managing to solve half of the cases. In 2011, detectives in Slovakia investigated 243 cases of extremist and racist crime. Police also reported that extremist crime is now being committed more online. "The development of these crimes indicates the trend of manifestations of racial discrimina-tion and other forms of intolerance gradually moving recently from the 'streets' to 'virtual space'. In many cases this criminal activity is perpetrated through social networking sites," the Slovak Interior Ministry warned.

These crimes involve various incidents of defamation of a nation or a population group or incitement to ethnic, national and racial hatred. Social networking sites reportedly also serve for trafficking in extremist paraphernalia. The authorities believe that the influence of perpetrators' entourages, their family environments, and the Internet all contribute to these extremist displays, as does the allegedly inappropriate influence of the media. The ministry noted that right-wing radicals have changed their procedures now. "These activities are beginning to be more sophisticated and are marked by long-term planning with the aim of raising the money that is unavoidably necessary if their aims are to be achieved, which recently have mainly been politically motivated," the ministry said. Authorities also mentioned contacts between these groups and organizations abroad, such as the Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS) in the Czech Republic.

The report on the development of extremism in Slovakia also included the People's Party "Our Slovakia" (LSNS), which is not seated in Parliament, among those entities holding extremist opinions; Marian Kotleba, who was elected the Governor of the Banská Bystrica Region in 2013, works in that party. Both Kotleba and the party are infamous for their anti-Romani propaganda.


Russia: Vandals Paint Swastika on Jewish WWII Monument in Volgograd

24/3/2015- Vandals have painted a swastika on a memorial to Holocaust victims killed during World War II in Volgograd, in an attack that one Jewish organization said was inspired by a congress of far-right parties held in the country this week. The swastika, accompanied by crude text, has been removed, and police are searching for the vandals, the Interior Ministry said Monday, according to Russian media reports. Leaders of Russian Jewish organizations denounced the vandalism. "When living people are insulted, that can be explained away by a lack of upbringing. But when the dead are insulted — words fail me," Volgograd rabbi Zalman Ioffe was quoted as saying Monday by the Kavkazsky Uzel news site. "The memory of people who died a horribly death has been insulted. This is sacrilege that cannot be forgiven or excused."

The memorial in question was installed in 2007 to commemorate hundreds of Jews killed in the Volgograd area by the Nazis during World War II. A larger monument is expected to be built at a later date, and the current structure consists of a marble plaque reading: "On this spot, a monument will be erected to honor the memory of peaceful citizens — Jews who were shot by fascist invaders in the fall of 1942." The monument has been vandalized a number of times in the past few years, Kavkazsky Uzel reported. Vandals tried to scrape the word "Jews" off the memorial plaque just two months after it was installed, the head of the Volgograd Jewish Community Center, Yael Ioffe, was saying at the time. The perpetrators were not caught, Ioffe told Kavkazsky Uzel, and another attack against the monument followed the year.

The Russian Jewish Congress has linked the latest attack to a high-level conference of ultranationalist leaders held last Sunday in St. Petersburg — a city which, like Volgograd, is seen in Russia as a symbol of the suffering and heroism in resisting the Nazis during the war. St. Petersburg, where hundreds of thousands of people died during a Nazi siege, saw leaders of far-right parties from Europe and Russia gather this weekend for an International Russian Conservative Forum, praising Russia as a haven for the world's marginalized parties. "The history of our country shows that all outbreaks of anti-Semitism in Russia happened only during the times when the ruling powers permitted Judeophobes to openly show their hatred of Jews," the Russian Jewish Congress said in an online statement. "Impunity has been interpreted as a call to action."

"This is what is happening now, when during this anniversary year of the victory [in World War II], in a city that lost 900,000 of its inhabitants during the siege, a congress is held of the most odious neo-Nazis and ultra-right radicals of Europe," the group said. "Around the regions of our country, echoes of that forum are already being heard. Anti-Semites are once again testing the authorities to see how much is permitted." Neighborhoods in and around Volgograd — the site of major battles during World War II — in the past few years have also seen swastikas painted on houses, posters praising Hitler pasted on bus stops, and young men wearing swastikas marching during an Easter-time procession, state-run Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported.

Alexander Boroda, the president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, said the vandalism would not end unless the authorities ensure "real criminal punishment" for perpetrators, the Interfax news agency reported. "It is time to understand that those beings who are allowing themselves to scorn at the memory of the massacred will not stop this outrage simply because they are being reproached," Boroda was quoted as saying.
The Moscow Times


Headlines 20 March, 2015

Russian man jailed after torturing gay teens faces new charges

Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the anti-LGBTI group Occupy Pedophilia, could now face a longer time in jail

19/3/2015- A Russian man who was jailed after torturing gay teens and driving them to suicide is facing new charges. Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the anti-LGBTI group Occupy Pedophilia, is being charged with robbery, hooliganism and causing property damage. In addition the investigators have also charged the homophobic leader, also known as 'Machete', with 'inciting hatred'. He was already carrying out a previous sentence in a labor camp, but will now be transported to a detention center until further notice. While he was originally given five years for hooliganism, a Moscow City Court reduced Martsinkevich's sentence to two years and 10 months in November 2014. Martsinkevich previously served a three and a half year prison sentence. Following that, he set up the group Occupy Pedophilia. When Russia filed charges against him in November 2013, he went on the run. He was arrested in Cuba last January.

Martsinkevich's campaign has been criticized by LGBTI rights activists in Russia and across the world. It was captured on screen by the documentary Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia. For years, he used the Russian version of Facebook, VK.com, to lure unsuspecting young victims through personal ads. Once a teen showed up for the ‘date’, captured victims were bullied, tortured and humiliated while being recorded on video. Video recordings were then freely distributed online in order to out LGBTI teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many of the victims were driven to suicides, the rest deeply traumatized. The group, and many of its copycat groups, claim they are simply trying to identify and report pedophiles.
Gay Star News


Austria: Racism report: Spike in anti-Muslim attacks

ZARA, a Vienna-based NGO which works to combat racism and promote civil courage, released its annual Racism Report today - highlighting a spike in racially motivated attacks on Jews, Muslims, Roma and asylum seekers.

20/3/2015- There was a slight increase in the number of reported racist attacks in 2014, 794 compared to 731 in 2013 - but what is more worrying according to ZARA is the significant increase in attacks which targeted certain groups of people, including Muslims and Jews. ZARA’s managing director Claudia Schäfer said the NGO had dealt with 61 cases which were anti-Muslim - almost double the amount of cases reported to them in 2013, and that the number of attacks had increased since August. She told The Local that in her opinion, Austrian media coverage of the atrocities committed by Islamic State (Isis) terrorists, as well as insensitive remarks from some politicians, was the trigger for many of these attacks, which ranged from insulting remarks and physical assaults on the street, to death threats on the internet.

"A lot of political capital has been made by talking about the danger of immigrants who fail to integrate. But sadly this is contributing to increasing prejudices against certain groups and a general suspicion of Muslims,” she said. She criticised media coverage by tabloid papers like the Kronen Zeitung, which she said had launched campaigns against asylum seekers and portrayed Roma people as “beggar gangs”. Schäfer added that the government needed to direct its ‘de-radicalization’ measures not just towards young people with an immigration background, which risked stigmatizing them and perhaps driving them into the arms of radical elements, but also towards right-wing groups, many of whom were responsible for racist attacks.
The Local - Austria


A Jewish man who was wearing a Star of David necklace was attacked in a shopping centre in St. Pölten, Lower Austria, the Kurier newspaper reports.

18/3/2015- The incident happened on Tuesday at a supermarket in St. Polten, when the Jewish man was taunted by a group of young men. He said that he ignored their anti-Semitic insults, but was then attacked by one of the men. "He insulted me and then started kicking me,” the 52-year-old told the Kurier. Police intervened and arres-ted the 21-year-old attacker. According to the report, the victim required medical treatment after the beating. During questioning, the alleged perpetrator admitted to kicking and hitting the man but denied that the attack was motivated by anti-Semitism, and said that he had also been injured and had been forced to defend himself. “I didn’t raise a hand against him,” he told police. The alleged victim told the Heute newspaper that St. Polten is “one of the worst areas in terms of anti-Semitism in Lower Austria,” and said that he was considering moving elsewhere. Last year, the number of anti-Semitic attacks recorded in Austria almost doubled, from 137 the pre-vious year to 255. “This is a development that worries us," Raymond Fastenbauer, Secretary General for Jewish Affairs, told the Kurier.
The Local - Austria


France: Far-right vandals target immigration museum

The recently inaugurated Museum of the History of Immigration has been vandalised twice by far-right groups, a sign of the rise in hate and extremism in France, according to the museum chief.

17/3/2015- When president François Hollande formally inaugurated the Museum of the History of Immigration in Paris last December, he urged the French not to give in to “scaremongers and prophets of doom” who dream of a “smaller and more spiteful France”. Some of those spiteful prophets of doom appear to have been behind recent vandalism at the museum, which has left one those in charge “wondering what is happening in France right now”. Posters against immigration and multiculturalism were plastered around the building’s entrance on Sunday. They read “multiculturalism is a failure and is leading France into civil war” and “mass immigration threatens our civilisation”.

The incident came just days after a previous incident saw graffiti daubed outside the building. Words like “foreigners out”, “re-migration” and “end all this” were on the walls of the museum. For Benjamin Stora, chairman of the museum’s steering committee, the significance of the incidents should not be played down. “What is happe-ning in France right now is not good. There is a rise in extremism and a rise of the National Front. The museum has been vandalised twice this week," he told Europe1 radio. The responsibility for the vandalism appears to have been claimed by a far-right group “La Dissidence Français”, who posted images to their website. The group claims the museum is “a place dedicated to the cosmopolitan propaganda and a globalist rewriting of history”. A complaint has been lodged with police.
The Local - France


Sweden: Anti-Semitism in Malmo Reaches New, Horrific Depths

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed its deep alarm and disgust over two new manifestations of anti-Semitism in Malmo.

16/3/2015- “In 2010, the Simon Wiesenthal Center slapped a travel advisory on Sweden’s third largest city, Malmo, for failing to act against serial harassment of the city’s Rabbi and other Jews and Jewish institutions. Virtually nothing has changed since then,” lamented Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the leading Jewish Human Rights organization. “If anything, things may be getting worse. Now the world is witness to new, insidious acts of Jew-hatred, including harassment of Jewish citizens by Muslim youth as they try to bury their loved ones in the Jewish cemetery; and today, in an act reminiscent of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda, a group of anti-Israeli demon-strators, wearing protective clothing and masks in order to avoid being infected by Zionist bacteria and “Isolera” viruses, entered some stores in the city to confiscate Israeli products, declaring them fruits of illegal occupation of Palestine and as such must be boycotted or destroyed. “Such outrageous actions are reminiscent of Nazi racist anti-Jewish propaganda and boycotts in the 1930s. We fear that such actions will only escalate unless and until decent Swedes of all political persuasions rise up and declare, enough is enough! These hateful provocations aren’t designed to help a single Palestinian, only to demonize and isolate Israel and Sweden’s Jews."
The Simon Wiesenthal Center


Germany: Neo-Nazi attacks on Jews far outnumber those by Islamists

Only several dozens of 1,275 attacks in 2013 traced to foreigners; right-wing extremists responsible for 1,218

15/3/2015- Amidst fears of radicalization in the Muslim community, recently collected data suggests that 95% of antisemitic attacks in Germany were committed by right-wing extremists. According to figures presented last week to the German parliament, out of 1,275 incidents which occurred in 2013, neo-Nazis were considered responsible for 1,218 of them. The data also revealed a slight decrease in the number of attacks compared to 2012, yet no one is yet ready to declare this as a positive trend. According to official records, only 31 attacks in 2013 were committed by people of a foreign background and the rest (26) were attributed to other offenders. This was the first year in over a decade in which no antisemitic attack was ascribed to left-wing radicals. Also in 2012, during which 1,374 attacks were committed, right-wing extremists were blamed for nearly all incidents, with only 38 cases traced back to foreigners, three to left-wing activists and 19 to other attackers. A similar distribution was found also in the years 2001-2011.

These figures were presented by the government in response to questions from leading Green party MP's. “I was a bit astonished to receive these results,” admitted Volker Beck, one of the MP's. “The feeling in the Jewish community, as well as my feeling, was that there were more Muslim antisemitic attacks, but the statistics doesn't support that. This just proves that we need to research the issue more and to get a better assessment of what threatens the security of Jewish people and Jewish institutions in Germany.” Nevertheless, he emphasized that he data does not disprove the treat of radical Islam. “We've seen what happened in Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen, and those attackers were radical funda-mentalists. Luckily that hasn't happened here yet. Although everyday antisemitic acts are more likely to be committed by right-wingers, Islamists still pose an antisemitic threat, even if this isn't reflected in the data yet.”

Public records also showed that 40 people were hurt in the attacks committed in 2013 (compared to 41 the year before), and following those incidents, 873 perpetrators (male and female) were arrested - of which 154 were under the age of 18. According to the data, seven of the arrested were 13-years-old and younger. The data concerning 2013 resembled the figures that were recorded in the beginning of the decade, which marked a significant decline in the number of antisemitic attacks: In the nine years that proceeded it, the number of such incidents circulated an average of 1,635 events per year. More recent numbers also point to a minor decline in antisemitic attacks: A report published this week regarding such acts in Berlin, shows that their number also diminished in 2014.

ReachOut, a Berlin counselling center for victims of right, racist and antisemitic violence, recorded last year 179 attacks, which targeted 266 people. This indicated a slight de-crease compared to the 185 attacks in 2013, when 288 people were threatened or even injured. Yet at the center, the figures aren't seen as encouraging. “This is not a trend,” they insisted. “The number of attacks in 2013 was simply the highest number we ever recorded in Berlin. The previous record was 165 attacks in 2006.” Beck also agreed, referring to official records: “This data is insufficient to determine whether there had been an actual decline recently. Sometimes the numbers go up just because the police was more active in a certain period of time. In my opinion, what better mirrors the situation are the studies concerning attitudes in German society, and those have shown a very slow but steady decrease in antisemitic views among Germans.”

Yet the ReachOut center pointed out a different problem. According to its report most of the attacks took place in public: last year 107 crimes (121 in 2013) occurred in the streets, squares and at bus stops and 37 (42 in 2013) were committed on board public transportation and in railway stations. “In many of the cases the other passengers watched the attack without helping,” noticed Sabine Seyb of the center. “Policy makers should launch a campaign which would encourage witnesses to intervene and thus better protect those who are threatened.”
i24 News


UK: University of Birmingham racist graffiti attack: THIRD incident hits campus

Anger as Islamophobic comments are found scrawled on walls of Edgbaston buildings

17/3/2015- Vile Islamophobic graffiti has been found at the University of Birmingham for the THIRD time this year. Police investigating the latest scrawls, discovered on Saturday morning (March 14), believe they are related to a previous incident of hate-fuelled vandalism at the Edgaston campus in Edgaston in January. These incidents were also linked to racist graffiti found at the nearby Jahalabad Mosque in Selly Oak, also in January. In the latest attacks the words ‘Kill Islam before it kills you’ were discovered sprayed on a storage box near sports pitches at the Edgbaston campus. Another hate message - ‘Islam must die’ - was found on the wall of the Guild building. Shanin Ashraf, who works as a Muslim chaplain the University, said: “I’m shocked and alarmed that this Islamophobic incident has taken place on more than one occasion.

“It’s deeply disturbing and can be very unset-tling for all of us at the university and the wider community. I hope we all come together to have zero tolerance against any bigotry and hatred.” A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “A member of university security staff alerted police to racist graffiti on campus at 7.20am this morning (March 14). “This has been classed as a criminal damage hate crime and an investigation is underway to try and find those responsible.” In the first incident, a swastika and the words “Islam must die” were daubed on the psychology block on campus and racist graffiti was also found at the Jahalabad mosque, Dartmouth Road, Selly Oak. Soon after, the toilets at the univer-sity’s arts block were emblazoned with red writing saying ‘kill Islam before it kills you’. A spokeswoman from the university said: “We unreservedly condemn the racist graffiti on campus.

We are determined to find those responsible and have reported it to West Midlands Police and are working with them to identify those involved. “Our University is a community of 150 nations and we are proud to be situated in a vibrant multi-cultural city. “Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. We are therefore actively working with a range of groups to bring people together and ensure that our university is a place where diversity is celebrated and everyone plays their part in creating a vibrant and welcoming communi-ty.” More than 150 students demonstrated against racist graffiti attacks at the university following the January spree, with some saying they felt too threatened to attend lectu-res.
The Birmingham Mail.


UK: Hunt after 'nasty racist attack' outside a McDonalds in Cambridge

16/3/2015- A woman has been arrested after CCTV images were released by police after a woman was punched and hair-pulled by a female in what police have descri-bed as a "nasty" racist attack outside McDonalds in Cambridge. The 28-year-old victim was in the McDonalds restaurant in Rose Crescent with friends at about 4am on February 28 when the offender, a woman, approached her and punched her to the eye. After recovering from the assault the victim left the restaurant and caught up with the offender further along the street towards the market and confronted her. The offender then racially abused the victim and further assaulted her by pulling her by her hair. Pc Andy Gardiner said: "This was a nasty racially aggravated attack which won't be tolerated. We know there were other people in the restaurant at the time of the incident and I urge them to contact us with information."

The CCTV images have been removed for legal reasons. Anyone with information should call Pc Gardiner on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. If anyone feels they have been the victim of a hate crime, please report it, you can do this via police or by visiting www.report-it.org.uk.
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UK: Hate crime reports soar in Fife

Racial abuse of takeaway workers by drunken revellers has contributed to an escalation of hate crime and incidents in Fife.

14/3/2015- Reported cases related to factors including race, religion, sexual orientation or disability rose by 28% to 442 last year, up from 344 the year before. The massive increa-se was only partly due to a greater willingness to report incidents, said Fife Community Safety Partnership. Almost a quarter of the recorded incidents were in Kirkcaldy, which Police Scotland said was due to its night-time economy, with many victims being staff in restaurants and takeaways. Most cases were of verbal abuse — with two-thirds of police charges for threatening behaviour and acting in a racially aggravated manner — but 12 were assaults. One in 10 police charges related to online crimes by email, social media and on websites. The upturn in hate incidents came in the face of a significant reduction in crime overall in the region.

FRAE Fife — which promotes racial harmony — called for an investigation. Spokesman Naeem Khalid said: “The increase in hate reporting is concerning and it may be partly explai-ned by increased understanding of the reporting system; however, further investigation needs to be conducted. “Agencies should be working together on intervention initiatives to prevent these hate incidents happening in the first place.” He also questioned how many perpetrators were successfully prosecuted and said publication of the number could act as a deterrent. Police Scotland Fife Division Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan said: “A lot of these crimes are in takeaways and late at night. Alcohol is an issue. “We have been working hard with restaurants and takeaway establishments to raise awareness and increase reporting. “We take hate crime extremely seriously and my officers will do all they can to detect hate crimes. We have a detection rate of 93% for hate crime and are striving for 100%.”

Fife Community Safety Partnership policy manager Tim Kendrick said: “The 28% increase between the two years is of concern. While we recognise that will be in part due to the efforts of Police Scotland and Fife Council education and children’s service to encourage people to report incidents, it is still concerning that there are so many hate incidents in Fife.” Some 271 people were referred to Victim Support Fife. Mr Kendrick said that a lot of work was being done with schools to encourage pupils to report abuse. He said the fact that 30% of the reports were from organisations other than the police showed that hate incidents were being treated seriously. He added: “We have robust systems in place in Fife for collating information about hate incidents which aren’t necessarily reported to police for various reasons. “It is important we have as full as picture as possible of the problem in Fife so that partners can work together and nip problems in the bud and provide support to victims as necessary.

“We are making progress in Fife in encouraging partner agencies to take this issue seriously and encourage people to report incidents, whatever the nature. “If someone’s percep-tion is something has happened because of their protected characteristic, they will be taken seriously.” Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Claire Baker said the figures raise questions in need of urgent answers. “It is vital that we get a full picture of the problem in Fife,” she said. “Third-party reporting is helping to make reporting easier for the victim and this is to be welcomed but reporting is only half the battle. We must also ensure that we have a strong focus on preventing such incidents taking place in the first place.”
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Headlines 13 March, 2015

Two Dutch mayors condemned the appearance of anti-Semitic stickers on shops in a heavily Jewish suburb of the Dutch capital.

12/3/2015- The stickers were spotted earlier this month on the shop windows of several businesses in Amstelveen, a municipality just south of Amsterdam, which is home to ap-proximately one third of the 50,000 Jews living in the Netherlands, the Jewish news website jonet.nl reported Monday. They feature a nose drawn with a red line across it — an image believed to combine racial stereotypes about Jews and to echo the “no Jews allowed” signs visible throughout Western Europe just before and during the Nazi occupation. The stickers found in Amstelveen, jonet.nl reported, are available for sale on a website offering memorabilia for fans of Rotterdam’s Feyenoord soccer team, who often call fans of Amsterdam’s Ajax team “Jews” and have chanted anti-Semitic slogans at matches and directly after them to provoke the Ajax fans. Several dozen stickers cost about $7. Amstelveen Mayor Mirjam van ‘t Veld told the news website metronieuws.nl that the stickers were “unacceptable.” “As the Jewish community is right to expect, we are looking into the case,” he said. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Marcouch wrote Tuesday on Twitter: “Wrong! Police and prosecutors [to] find and punish Feyenoord hooligans posting ‘Jew stickers’ on shops.” At least one police complaint has been filed in connection with the stickers for alleged incitement to hatred, Jonet.nl reported.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor neuzen stickers
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2 Jewish teens attacked in southern France

Two Jewish teens in France were robbed and beaten after leaving their Marseille synagogue.

12/3/2015- The teens were attacked on Tuesday by two assailants who they described as youth “of African origin,” according to the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemit-ism, or BNVCA. According to the victims, the assailants said, “Dirty Jews, we will exterminate all of you,” before they were robbed and beaten. The Jewish teens required medical attention. One of the victims told BNVCA that he recognized the attackers. The bureau called on police in the southern French city to “do everything possible to identify and ques-tion the attackers,” and for the assailants to be severely punished to act as a deterrent to future attacks. “Jewish citizens have become increasingly vulnerable targets,” the BNVCA said in a statement. “This gives rise to insecurity, despite the significant steps taken by the government to try to protect its Jewish citizens, and their places of worship.
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Kazakh Opponent Of Russian Rockets Charged With Inciting Hatred

10/3/2015- A Kazakh activist and blogger who has protested against launches of Russian Proton rockets from the Baikonur Cosmodrome has been detained and charged with a hate crime. An Astana City Court spokeswoman told RFE/RL on March 10 that Saken Baikenov was sent to pretrial detention for two months late on March 9. He was charged with inciting social hatred. Proton rockets have exploded several times in recent years during failed launches from the Russian-leased facility in central Kazakhstan, contaminating the area with toxic hepthyl fuel. Baikenov is a prominent opponent of Proton launches and has taken part in several anti-Proton protests in Almaty and the capital, Astana, in recent months. His wife, Qarlyghash Myrzadilova, told RFE/RL that police had taken Baikenov from their Almaty apartment on March 7. Baikenov's lawyer, Tolegen Shaiqov, told RFE/RL that he was not at the court hearing on March 9 and had not yet been able to read the case documents.


Poland: Dark secrets of a Polish tourist mecca

Antisemitic graffiti is sadly a common sight on Polish streets. Some of the language is directed at football teams; in other cases, it is aimed at Jews.
By Nissan Tzur

10/3/2015- However, in the past few weeks in Krakow, the problem has moved up a gear. Walls and houses across the city have been hit with a wave of antisemitic daubings, and the messages, such as “Jews to the oven”, have been particularly vicious. In attempt to find what the Polish authorities are doing about it, I sent a series of questions — in English — to Krakow’s police force, the city civil guard, the local municipality and the general prosecutor’s office. The police spokesman responded in Polish. He wrote: “Dear Sir, we would like to inform you that the official language in Poland is Polish. Therefore, you are required to send your inquiry in Polish.” The municipality, the civil guard and the Polish prosecutor’s office did not respond. None found the issue important enough, and were not even interested in finding out where the words “Jews to the oven” was sprayed so that they could delete it.

Paulina Sawicka is one of the heads of the Open Republic association that fights antisemitism and xenophobia. “I consider the Kraków’s police spokesman’s answer ridiculous,” she said. However, she said it did not surprise her. “When the law is broken, we notify the prosecutor’s office. Unfortunately, all too often, here too we do not get support. Some-times the reactions of prosecutors raise eyebrows.” Ms Sawicka gave further examples of the way the Polish authorities treat antisemitism. “A Court in Opole discontinued pro-ceedings against a law school graduate accused of profiting from fascist publications and gadgets, because a sentence would harm his legal career. The prosecutor’s office in Wro-claw allowed the publication of the Polish translation of Mein Kampf, accepting the explanation of the publisher that selling the book served a ‘scientific purpose’. The slogan ‘we will chase the Jews out of Poland’ was not considered incitement because it did not use the form ‘let’s’. And a swastika was allowed because it was characterised as an ancient Indian symbol.”

Rafal Pankowski, from the Polish anti-racism organisation Never again, agrees that the Polish authorities have still a long way to go in the fight against antisemitism. “The autho-rities have made some good efforts to prosecute hate crime in the last years, but they have often been half-baked. A much more thorough and concerted effort is needed. In many cases, the perpetrators go unpunished. We think the Polish legal provisions are more or less satisfactory. The problem has been the implementation of these provisions, which is often disappointing.”
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Police drop Swedish mosque blaze probe

Swedish police have dropped an investigation into a fire at a mosque in central Sweden on Christmas Day, ruling out criminal activity.

13/3/2015- How the mosque blaze in Eskilstuna, some 90 kilometres west of Stockholm, started is still unclear, but police have ruled out that the fire was suspicious. "There is not-hing that indicates that anybody from outside the mosque wanted to cause any harm," Fredrik Wallén, a regional police spokesman, said in a statement on Friday. Around 70 people were in the mosque when the fire took hold on Christmas Day and many of them fled through windows to escape. Anti-racism rallies attracted thousands of people in the days fol-lowing the fire which took place around the same time as two similar incidents at Swedish mosques in Eslöv and Uppsala. Wallén dismissed initial reports which suggested that the fire started after someone threw a burning object into the building, leading to much speculation that the alleged attack was an anti-Islamic hate crime.

"Information that someone or some people would have thrown something into the mosque can be dismissed. There is nothing in our investigation that confirms that that is about any-thing other than completely unfounded rumours among spectators at the scene," said Wallén. Forensic teams said on Friday that the fire started in a pile of clothes in a room next to the prayer room, used as a coat room. Visitors to the mosque, including children, are believed to have been in the room at the time. "We don't know why the fire started, but it could have by accident or by children playing with fire," Wallén said. Rumours emerging last week that the blaze was started by an overheated deep fryer have been com-pletely dismissed and were never part of the investigation, according to Swedish police and fire services. David Hultman, who has been leading the fire service's investigation, told The Local earlier this week: "As far as I understand, this 'information' about the fire did not come from police in Eskilstuna who have been working on this case. I am not really sure who came up with this."
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The lead investigator looking into the fire at a mosque in central Sweden on Christmas Day has told The Local it is ‘very unlikely’ the damage was caused by an overheated deep fat fryer, despite contradictory comments from a police source on Monday.

10/3/2015- David Hultman, who has been leading the fire service's investigation since December said: “We have been looking at different possibilities but a deep fryer has never been a theory that we have been working on”. “A deep fryer would probably be located in the kitchen and yet this is the only place with just secondary [less severe] damage from the fire…so it is very unlikely given what we have seen from looking at the soot and particles on the walls,” he added. The investigator’s comments come after a police source told local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren on Monday that an overheated deep fat fryer was the source of the blaze. Initial reports suggested that the fire started after someone threw a burning object into the building in the city of Eskilstuna, some 90 kilometres west of Stockholm, leading to much speculation that the alleged attack was an anti-Islamic hate crime.

Around 70 people were in the mosque when the fire took hold and many of them fled through windows to escape the fire. Anti-racism rallies attracted thousands of people in the days following the fire which took place around the same time as two similar alleged attacks on Swedish mosques in Eslöv and Uppsala. Some campaigners used the rallies to blame the rise of the nationalist Sweden Democrat party for increasing Islamphobia in Sweden. Police in Eskilstuna would not confirm the deep fat fryer claims on Monday and said the investigation was still ongoing. Local media reports on Tuesday suggested that Eskilstuna police were blaming police in neighbouring Västmanland for the leak. “As far as I understand, this ‘information’ about the fire did not come from police in this town who have been working on this case. I am not really sure who came up with this,” Hultman told The Local from Eskilstuna.

But he said that while arson was still being considered by investigators, they had now ruled out the possibility that a bottle or object containing a flammable liquid had been thrown into the building. “We have not found evidence of burnable liquids in the mosque so we have eliminated this…but it is possible that vandalism was the cause,” he said The fire service's full report on the fire is set to be released before the end of the month. “The point where we are right now is that we have been collecting documentation and pictures and we are pretty well informed about the evidence. In this specific case the fire developed over a long period of time so the cause was not immediately obvious. In our report we will be eliminating what did not cause the fire and will present a number of possibilities…including arson,” added Hultman.
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“I would say most people who I have met have been a victim of Islamaphobia at one point or another.”

9/3/2015- Those are the words of Ali Amla, vice chairman of the Preston Faith Forum. Ali Amla who also works to tackle extremism said of the figures, which show there is a rise, said: “There’s always a catch 22 when you look at figures because you see a rise in figures due to greater reporting and greater trust and actually when you look at the political climate you see a spike in Islamaphobic hate crime nationally and that is always concerning.” Ali says the work he does means he is very aware of the problems of Islamphobia and he said often the victims are women. He explains: “One woman told me how a group of people sprayed an aerosol in her eyes another woman told me about having her hijab ripped off.

“This is happening.” But he admits people still don’t report hate crime, and offers some reasons as to why: “My view is part of the problem is a lack of trust and confi-dence in the police, often some of these women have been new arrivals in England and are scared it may go against them, or they don’t report it for fear of reprisal. “For some people who have been on the receiving end of Islamaphobia – and it breaks my heart to say it – it has become normal for them. “I can recall when I used to have a longer beard, I lost count of how many times I was called Bin Laden or people wanted to square up to me because they thought I was a terrorist. “This is in Lan-cashire. “I still believe Lancashire and Preston is a very tolerant and respectful place.” Ali said the boundaries between Islamaphobia and racism can become ‘blurred’ and he said he believes the way religious motivated hate crime is recorded should change.

He said there needs to be a way to separate Islamaphobia, anti-Semitism, etc and said “once we have an accurate picture we can put interventions in place.” Ali con-cluded: “I don’t think there is a way to entirely stop it. “I think as we have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism there should be a zero tolerance to Islamaphobia. “I don’t believe we need to set up third part reporting mechanism I don’t think they are counter productive. “We need to build up community confidence to people will report it.” A report published in September revealed 288 religiously aggravated crimes were recorded by Lancashire Constabulary between January 2011 and June 2013. The main concentrations of the crimes recorded were in Blackburn and Preston, followed by Burnley, Blackpool, Nelson, Lancaster, Accrington and Chorley. Just over four in ten of the recorded crimes (124 out of 288) were public order offences solely involving verbal abuse.
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Headlines 6 March, 2015

Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise In German Schools

4/3/2015- Scrawling swastikas on synagogues, Jew-baiting during demonstrations, desecration of Jewish cemeteries: Once again, 75 years after the Holocaust, hatred against Jews is taking place openly in Germany, even in schools.Current figures from the German government show that the anti-Semitism is not only a perception: The number of crimes linked to anti-Semitism in Germany increased dramatically over the past year. While 788 cases were registered in 2013, there were 864 cases registered in 2014 -- a 10 percent increase. In German schoolyards, the word “Jew” is increasingly used as an insult. That became clear this weekend at the Jewish Youth Congress in Berlin, an event in which Hans-Georg Maas-sen, president of Germany's Domestic Intelligence Service, also participated. According to sources from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a major German newspaper, one of the findings from the Youth Congress indicates that the badgering of Jewish students, primarily by Arab children, has caused some students to "leave regular schools and transfer to Jewish institutions.”

However, Dilek Kolat, Berlin's senator for labor, women and integration, denies that the attacks mainly come from children of Arab descent. Although the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Berlin has increased in recent years, 90 percent of the perpetrators came from the extreme right, Kolat said recently to RBB, a German broadcasting company. "In 2013, of eight anti-Semitic attacks, seven came from the right and only one of them from a foreigner. The problem cannot be made to focus on Muslims," said Kolat. But the rise in anti-Semitic incidents has undoubtedly led to changes among students. “Due to specific cases of bullying and a general climate of anti-Jewish hostilities, some pupils prefer to attend Jewish schools and private schools," Deidre Berger, director of the American Jewish Committee in Berlin, told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. Last week, Berger wrote in The Times of Israel that "anti-Semitic incidents occur every day in Germany, on the streets, in schoolyards, in train stations, on the soccer field, and throughout social media."

Maassen states: “It is a fact that there are people who feel provoked by a kippa or the Star of David. One must be simply aware of that and, in those areas, one should act in an appropriate way.” Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, spoke out about this growing problem. In some areas of German cities, wearing a kippa or a necklace with a Star of David is seen as a provocation and might be the reason for attacks, Schuster said a few days ago.The Jewish community of Berlin, which is the largest in Germany, fears such attacks. Recently, publishers of the German-Jewish newspaper Jüdisches Berlin decided to mail their newspaper in neutral, unmarked envelopes so no one would know the recipients are Jewish.

This post was originally published on HuffPost Germany and was translated into English.

UPDATE: March 5, 5:43 p.m. -- This article has been updated with additional reporting on the claims made by those at the Jewish Youth Conference, and with statements from Dilek Kolat.
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Germany: Dresden asylum camp cleared after neo-Nazi attack

An asylum camp set up in front of Dresden's Semperoper opera house has been cleared. Refugees and supporters moved just a day after radical PEGIDA members and neo-Nazis attempted to storm the site.

3/3/2015- Local authorities had originally planned to clear the refugee camp, which had been set up on Saturday, by Monday evening. The administrative court of Dres-den successfully filed an appeal, however, which appeared to fuel an attack on Monday night by radical members of PEGIDA and neo-Nazis. Following the usual rally held by the right-wing PEGIDA movement on Monday evening, some 100 radicals flocked to Dresden's Theaterplatz demanding for the asylum seekers' camp to be cleared. Others could be heard shouting "Germany for Germans, foreigners out!" and were reportedly seen throwing bottles and fire crackers in the direction of the camp. In what appeared to be a coordinated attack, about two dozen radicals attempted to storm the anti-PEGIDA rally from two directions. The counter protest was held by local refuges and supporters of the groups "Asylum Movement," "Dresden for All," and "Dresden Nazi-free."

Dresden police managed to fend off the PEGIDA members and neo-Nazis as they formed a chain of officers between the two protest groups, before later setting up a fixed cordon around Theaterplatz. Around 500 supporters of the refugees also gathered around the asylum camp to protect the tents. PEGIDA, which roughly translates as "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West," has been holding demonstrations in Dresden and a host of other German cities since October. At its peak, the group saw a turnout of some 25,000 in Dresden. Figures have decreased in recent weeks, however, particularly after images of leader Lutz Bachmann posing as Adolf Hitler went viral.
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UK: Man arrested over race hate remarks

5/3/2015- A man has been arrested over another racially-aggravated incident in Bridport town centre. Staff at Bridport Kebab House in East Street were allegedly verbally abused with racist language during the incident, which happened at around 9.30pm on Sunday. Insp. Mike Darby said: "Members of staff from the kebab house called police about a man, who appeared to be drunk, being abusive and trying to damage property. "Police attended and a scuffle ensued. The man was detained for a racially aggravated public order offence where it's believed he used racist language to [verbally abuse] staff. "A man, who is in his 40s, was arrested after confronting police officers at the time."

This latest incident follows a racial attack near the kebab house at around midnight on Valentine's Day. In that incident a 27-year-old Bridport man was taken to hospital with broken ribs and facial injuries. Speaking about the both incident, Insp Darby said: “This is the second racial incident to happen in Bridport in the last two weeks. “Both times it has been on a Saturday night and alcohol has been involved. “We take all allegations of hate crime extremely seriously and look to prosecute people who commit these offences. “While we have had two in the last two weeks, these are very rare in our community.”

Bridport town councillor David Rickard said: "Clearly it's concerning. If it was the start of a trend it would be very worrying and would be something we'd need to take very seriously. "People feel safe walking the streets of Bridport, and anything that would damage that would be very sad and, I would say, unacceptable. Town and district councillor David Tett said: "To have two incidents of this nature in the last two weeks is very worrying. "What does it spell for the future? It's alarming and upsetting. "I will be making enquiries into this to find out what's going on."
The Dorset Echo


UK: No charges to be brought against far right group that 'invaded' Bradford mosques

Criminal charges will not be brought against a controversial far right group that "invaded" mosques in Bradford last year, the Crown Prosecution Service has revealed.

5/3/2015- On May 10, members of Britain First entered numerous mosques in Bradford, handing out British army bibles and urging worshippers to convert to Christianity. They also made an uninvited visit to the home of then Bradford Mayor Councillor Khadim Hussain to discuss the issue of Asian grooming gangs and visited a local branch of Subway that serves halal meat. West Yorkshire Police received several complaints about the incidents, but after "lengthy consideration" the police and Crown Prosecution Service now say there is "insufficient evidence" to pursue a prosecution. Chris Hartley, Senior District Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside told the Telegraph & Argus: "We have liaised closely with West Yorkshire Police on this matter, and a range of potential charges were considered. "However we concluded, after lengthy consideration of all the available evidence that there was insufficient evidence for the CPS to commence a prosecution.”

Superintendent Vince Firth, partnerships lead for Bradford District Police, said: "We thoroughly investigated the incidents involving Britain First in Bradford and presented an evidence file to the CPS. "They have fully considered this and concluded that there is no criminal case to answer. Throughout our enquiries, we have worked closely with local communities, partners, places of worship and the Council for Mosques to ensure they were fully informed. "Each complainant has been personally visited by a police officer and updated about the result of the investigation. The actions of Britain First caused great offence to many, but the people of Bradford responded in the right way - by acting with the utmost dignity. "Together, we continue to provide support and offer reassurance through our Neighbourhood Policing patrols and council warden teams."

After hearing about the decision, Cllr Hussain said: "I think the best policy now is to ignore them. I'm not interested in the negative elements in society." Zulfi Karim, vice presi-dent of the city's Council of Mosques, said: "If there is not enough evidence for a prosecution, then there needs to be more protection for places of worship, not just mosques but all places of worship. I can understand they can't prosecute, but that is because the law is so open. You would hope there would be more protection against people coming into to places of worship like this. I understand no crime was committed and there was no damage. "People will live in fear if places like this can be invaded." He said he would continue to push for stronger laws protecting places of worship.

Bradford West MP George Galloway had been highly critical of the party, and after hearing no charges were being brought, said: "I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Fortunately this group seems to have retreated back into its swamp, and let's hope they stay there." And David Ward, Bradford East MP was also not surprised by the decision. He added: "They were quite clever, they might have pushed the law to the limits, but they didn't actually break it. But what took place was unpleasant and potentially very dangerous."
The Telegraph & Argus


UK: Chinese man racially abused on bus heading from Liverpool to Widnes

35-year-old was verbally and physically abused by group of five to 10 males.

2/3/2015- A man was subjected to a torrent of racist abuse and attacked as he travelled on a bus heading from Liverpool to Widnes. The 35-year-old Chinese man was targeted by a group of five to 10 males who boarded the 79c Arriva bus at around 5.30pm last Thursday, February 19. Police said a female passenger intervened after they began to verbally and physically abuse him and the men got off the bus. The victim boarded the bus, which was travelling from Childwall to Widnes, at Score Lane in Childwall. Detective Constable Craig Doyle of Merseyside police’s SIGMA Hate Crime Unit said: “We are particularly keen to trace this lady as she may have vital informa-tion that could help us identify these individuals. “I’d also like to appeal to anyone else who was on the bus at the time who may have seen this incident to please get in touch with us. “We are treating this as a hate crime and take all reports of this nature extremely seriously. “I would also like to take this opportunity to reassure people that we have specially trained officers who investigate cases with a view to robust action being taken against offenders.”
Anyone who has any information is asked to contact the SIGMA Team on 0151 777 4081 or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News


Greece: Suspended sentence for racist remarks made to physician from Nigeria

28/2/2015- A Greek court has handed down a suspended sentence of six months in prison, postponed for three years, against a patient who made a racist statement to a doctor of Nigerian origin. The Associated Press reports that the male patient verbally assaulted the female physician during his intake at a hospital to which he had been transported because of breathing difficulties The 57-year-old man from the northern town of Kozani behaved violently the moment he saw the 29-year-old doctor. He told her that she needed to be treated "by Hitler with soap", a reference to the production of detergents from the fat of those who were murdered in the Nazi concentration camps. In court the man apologized for his remarks and claimed he had not been in his right mind when he made them. He was arrested by police after release from the hospital. Greece has been undergoing economic collapse and racism is a significant social problem there, as the recent years have also seen large waves of immigration to the country. Several hundred thousand immigrants live in the country of 10 million. The third-strongest party in the Greek Parliament is the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. Dozens of members of its top management, including many MPs, now face charges of criminal conspiracy and are awaiting trial in custody.


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